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Friday September 10th was a beautiful day for the gorgeous Jen & Chad to “FINALLY” tie the knot!  It was an evening wedding on the water in Oakville and the lighting and the sky were absolutely amazing as the perfect backdrop!  Congratulations Jen & Chad!  Thanks for such a fun evening – and a great first wedding breakdown dance!

Will went with Chad and his boys to do some fun shots…and I really like how this one turned out 🙂

I love the colors chosen for this wedding…so classy!


Lol…I LOVE THIS KISS SHOT!  Look at the bottom of the picture!  Then the celebration to end the official “I Do’s”….these two were AWESOME!!!

Lol!  Little story to this picture…we were seperated from the wedding party and due to the wedding being at sunset, we wanted to make sure that we got Jen & Chad first when the lighting was perfect…so when it was time to get the wedding party to join us, there was some texting going on and during this pose…well, Chads’ groomsman called his cell phone – and he answered!  So not posed at all…he was actually talking on the phone ha!

Like I said…the lighting, the sky, the sunset…and the couple made for some wonderful pictures!  Enjoy guys and have a wonderful TWO WEEK HONEYMOON!!  I’ll be in touch in a few weeks!

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What an awesome day it was on Saturday photographing this amazing, fun couple as they got married!  I almost feel like this blog entry should be titled “simplicity” as these two care-free people enjoyed their day to the fullest without having all the bling of a fancy wedding.  We started the day of at Jen’s parents house in Burlington (a hidden gem let me tell ya!) and meeting her parents, we knew this day was going to be full of laughs – and surprises 😉

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.  Love the dress, love the hair…love the simplicity!  Even their flowers…she described them as wanting it to look like they went into a field of flowers and just grabbed a bunch and put them together…so simple and just such a great idea.

Just details…

Greg – just before the ceremony.  Interesting church really…clearly under construction in the back – but made for some really great shots!  (even had a dirt floor back there but I’ll save those one’s for the bride and groom!)

These two are so outgoing and willing to do anything…as we are leaving Bronte Park after our pictures, we pass a huge family having a HUGE bbq…steak, shrimp, scallops…so I think it was Will who came up with the idea (maybe Greg?) but we venture over to the bbq and well….

Jen and Greg…congratulations on your marriage!  It was the PERFECT wedding day and everything looked ‘simply’ beautiful.  Thanks again for having Will and I capture this awesome day for you! Enjoy your honeymoon (and we will need to get the name of that resourt from you when you get back – sounds amazing!!)

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Friday’s weather could not have been more perfect when I met up with Abby and Bill at Albion Falls for their engagement session.  Two of the most relaxed, fun-going people to work with-they agreed to do whatever I wanted 🙂  (did I mention how much I love couples like this!!)…first, lets include little Bentley who wanted to be a part of the whole shoot – and was just such a good little boy!

Something about my macro lens that I just can’t get enough of!! (lol)

What a beautiful couple! Abby warned me how shy Bill would be for this shoot, and though he was a little quiet at first he most definately warmed up…(continue scrolling down!)

…still warming up…(keep scrolling down)…


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I could not have asked for a better turn out with such a WONDERFUL AMAZING group of photographers!  Andrea, Katie, Tracy, Ashley, Annette, and Stefanyie – you were all awesome!  Thank for you the laughs, the patience and the great weekend!  I hope you had  a wonderful time and got some really great shots!  This is my first workshop and I was inspired by my husband to have one due to the amount of questions posed to me on certain shots that I take and since I LOVE to share, I took his advice and held a Bellies-To-Babies workshop where I could share tips, tricks and secrets to a successful maternity and newborn session!  This first shot was thanks to our wonderful first model of the weekend – Katie!

Thank you to Ashley – our other beautiful mom who volunteered her time and let 7 of us photograph her for a few hours.  Ahsley – you look stunning! This is my favourite picture of the day! 

Sunday we moved on to two beautiful 7-day-old baby boys! Meet Mr. Broxton (how cool is THAT name!).  He was absolutely perfect! He made my job easy and left us with no laundry (after 3 hours of photographing him!).  Arli – I can’t thank you enough (on behalf of all of us) for sharing your new baby with us!  He is perfect – and has the cheeks to die for! 🙂

I call this “find the baby” LOL!!!!  We all got together with the AC-DC loving baby Broxton…and a few props 😉

After little “B” we had the chance to meet baby Nolan!  Another 7-day-old ball of SWEETNESS!  Here is Tracy catching beautiful mom and baby…

Annette getting little Nolan while haning in a pod that Stefanyie wanted to try out 🙂  Poor dad – held up all 7 pounds of this little guy – sounds easy but try holding a 7-pound-weight for 10 minutes without moving!

End result of that picture:

Thank you models and parents for allowing us all to capture this time and ‘practise’ with you and your little bundles.  Your bellies were perfect, your babies were amazingly perfect and we all had such a GREAT time!!!  Thank you Photographers for participating in my first workshop!  It was such a success that I am definately going to do this again!  If you are interested in learning more about maternity and newborn photography and need somewhere to start (or a start to furthering your already-existing portfolio) please contact me and let me know !  I will probably be holding another workshop either the May – or in the summer!  Also stay tuned to my site or the sites of the other photographers for a possible trash-the-dress outdoor – waterfall session!  Will most likely take place on a weekday this summer! If you are interested – please send me an email.  tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca


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I feel like a child on Christmas morning! I’m so excited!!! I brought home my new baby yesterday…the Nikon D700 ! And to join her…the new Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens AND the 70-200 VR f2.8 lens…and OMGoodness!!! I’m in love!  Today we went to watch a bunch of cowboys shoot their guns in a competition and we put the D200 and D700 to the test with the new lens’ and WOW…all I can say is I can’t wait for tomorrow’s wedding!!!!!  Just look at the detail in this first picture especially…my husband in a staring match with a rival competitor!!!  I can’t believe what this lens can do!!! Oh…man…WOOHOO!!!!!001

The Shoot 126The speed in which this camera can shoot is amazing!!! AMAZING!!!!  f6.3 ISO 200 at 180mm 1/160 shutter speed…and voila!  I LOVE this lens!!! LOVE this camera!! I’ve found the perfect match! (next to my husband of course)…he he he 😉

Invited out to the Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association (known as the Ha Ha Club) for this western shoot we were able to watch our aunt Elaine (depicted here during a course of fire where she is rapidly firing upon multiple targets with cat like reflexes striking each target) and Uncle Alfred compete.  Check out the rounds being ejected!!! Go Girl!!

Western Shoot 04Western Shoot (10)

Check out the duds… The Western Shoot is not just about the competition of firing your firearms but the dress as well, taking you backwards to the late 18 hundreds people dress the part, you actually feel like you are back in time. 

03Western Shoot (38)

Almost forgot, 🙂 Once you join the “club” and start registering for different competitions you will need an Alias… Aunt Elaine and Uncle Alfred are better know around the circuit as Black Magic and Two Feathers…  What fun!!!   02Western Shoot (7)

Although your main reason for doing something like this is to have fun and get to meet a different people with a common interest there is still that competitive edge that drives one to constantly attempt to better themselves, and well… when your gun misfires, or double feeds or something unexpected occurs; as in any sport frustration plays a part…  They shot great!!!  unknown if they placed or not as we had to leave early we left with a better understanding of the sport and a possible new interest in the upcoming months… lol.05Western Shoot (116)

Thank you both for the invite and opportunity to check out this sport, have a blast, meet some new people and enjoy a little time together.  Looking forward to see what next year brings.  🙂

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The end of March and I got the chance to feel like all my brides on the other side of the camera!  We had our engagement session photographed by Andrea Husted of Splash Photography and what a GREAT job she did!  Andrea we are so pleased and so thankful that YOU are our photographer! WE can’ t wait for our big day in June!

This first shot is a vision that I had in mind with grafitti! Had no clue where any would be so we decided to hit downtown Hamilton!  Yup…found some awesome grafitti!!  Andrea  – you captured this shot AWESOME! This is the one we are going to blow up and have everyone sign the matting!tw3

tw4This is the first grafitti we found – but it’s more of a beautiful painting! I loved it!tw5

Behind Launa Station – James Street Northtw1

…and no – this isn’t an imposed back drop! We managed to find our way to the roof top of…a certain building in downtown Hamilton 😉tw2

twand …the shoes! My fiance picked these out for my Cinderella Story Engagement he planned!  Had to include them in the Engagement session 🙂

Andrea – thanks again!  Your awesome and SO fun to work with!  Anyone interested in Andrea’s photography please visit www.splashphotography.ca

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