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Its getting late and I’m about to head to bed…but as I go through some editing of pictures tonight and answering emails, putting orders out, making discs and all the other good stuff I LOVE doing in this “job” (PASSION)…I feel overwhelmed with thanks!  Thank you all so much!  Thank you to all of you who hand your brand new babies to me at such a tender age. Thank you for all you women who trust me to caputre your pregnancies and your beautiful baby bumps at a time when you may not feel quite so beautiful.  Thank you everyone who chooses me to capture one of the happiest days of your lives and for sending cards of thanks and posting little comments on my blog.  Thank you to all my blog followers (Lauren, Krystal, Katie, Ashley, Breann, Aleksandra and so many more I can’t possibly name you all)!  I am so thankful and so SO BLESSED to have people like you in my life who make me happy because I get to do what I love – Photography.  Thank you so much to my husband WILL (mmmm my “husband”) for being by my side through long hours of editing and who comes to EVERY wedding with me.  I love you baby.


For all of you who have been asking “okay – so great proposal now where are the wedding pictures!!??”  here is just one I will throw in for now to hopefully tied you over until I find the time to get some more in (LOL)…                 I am married.  I am happy.  I am MRS. Lariviere and I am more thankful to all of you than I can even explain.IMG_2696

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