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I booked this wedding with Chris and Nicole over a year ago and have been looking forward to it for THAT long!  12 hours coverage and super nice people = Super GREAT Time!!  Will and I started off the day photographing Chris at his house…I was so pleasantly suprised with the kindness of the group of guys we photographed.  They were all super nice and willing to do anything we wanted!  Chris, it was an absolute honour to be the photographer of your big day!  You looked so hansome!  Okay – so onto to the pictures…these first two are for Nicole (special request of their first child…he he he)DSC_2003

Nic…there are a couple more but just wanted to share this one for now 😉DSC_2040

I think they should get some shares from Coors Light for this one!DSC_2050

This image just makes me giggle…here is my husband doing whatever we need to do to get “the shot”…I think we incorporated danger-pay in this one! Lol…DSC_2090

Nicole…you looked absolutely stunning!!  You make such a beautiful bride and the fact that you are a beautiful person to begin with, just makes you even more wonderful!  We had the best time photographing you and your family this weekend…we felt so a part of them – as they hugged us good-bye at the end of the night, we felt truly blessed to be the one’s to capture your special day!DSC_2152

It was such a perfect day on Saturday weather wise.  At the beginning of the week they called for rain 80% ! Then by the end of the week 30% …and Saturday – we didn’t get a drop!  The wind worked in our favour as well blowing their hair and dresses beautifully! Love the color, love it all!DSC_2211

Sooo happy!  Aren’t they stunning!DSC_2408

What a fun, outgoing wedding party! AND they were just gorgeous! Red – my favourite wedding color!DSC_3164


Love this shot!DSC_2593

Love this umbrella!  What a cute wedding gift idea!DSC_2650

This shot was taken by my husband and I LOVE IT!!! I love when we capture the natural laugh, the natural smile and the giggles between a new husband and wife 🙂  Chris and Nicole, thank you so much for choosing us to be the one’s to capture this day for you.  We had an absolute blast and what was work for us – did NOT feel like it!  We had so much fun and enjoyed the day as if we were a part of the wedding party!  Thank you for including us in dinner (it was FA-BU-LOUS!!)  We hope you enjoy your honeymoon and we will be in touch as soon as your pictures are ready!DSC_3237

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An absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding at the Ancaster Old Mill this past Saturday!  I feel so a part of this family as I have seen them through maternity, newborn, 6 months-old session and now the wedding! Ashley you looked absolutely stunning!  Daryl…one of our finest…you and your crew looked fantastic!  This is my first wedding with the guys all in uniform and we had a blast with the whole crew!Ashley Wedding

See what I mean! What a group!  And so fun to work with!DSC_1988Just minutes before saying “I do”….DSC_2055

5:00 was the time for the ceremony to start…all the guys had these beautiful stop watches~!  This is the groom…very nervous before his big moment.DSC_2081

Giggles at the front!  The groom kissed the mother-in-law and I’m sure I heard dad say “you better not be kissing me!” and then all laughter broke out! I love catching these moments!DSC_2127

DSC_2014So in love…DSC_2314

And the best for last! I tell you, the luck that Will and I have with pictures (rainbows, weather…) well doesn’t an ice cream truck come by!!  I love this shot!  Everyone waiting for their turn to get some ice cream on a nice HOT day!  This is definately getting blown up for my new studio!  Love it!050909_2242

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