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I LOVE DECEMBER!!! I have decided that after a month of non-stop crazyness with photography (which I LOVED)…that for the month of December I am sticking to just newborns!  And what better month than my favourite month of the year – CHRISTmas month – December!  I start off December with this adorable newborn girl who slept like a champ and only pooped on our props once 😉 lol…

A little smile for the camera

I try and do these shots at every newborn session because lets face it, our babies are only tiny this once…and what a way to show just HOW tiny they are

Just about the last shot of the session and we were so happy she wanted to co-operate 🙂

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WOW! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year with this family.  I have had the pleasure of photographing Hayden at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months…and now at one year.  So sad that this is where my adventure ends as I don’t photograph older children or do family sessions 😦  .  Lauren and Shannon it has been such a fun adventure with your family!  Will and I have enjoyed getting to know you and to just keep track of your daughters growth over this past year.  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this amazing adventure for you…(k, can I say hurry up now for baby #2 so we can start all over 😉 ).  Okay – on with the gallery!  Here is Hayden one year ago….

and yesterday we started off the cake smash session a little differently than usual.  We went to Port Dover for some pictures at the beach 🙂  Hayden did NOT like the sand but you can’t tell here…

Lauren and Hayden

lol…love this shot!

Okay so for those of you blog followers and have gotten to know this family over the past year, you know that they go crazy at their photo sessions! For example at 3 months it was Halloween and Lauren literally carried in about 20 pumkins!  Plus the halloween goodies to go with the whole event.  THEN at 6 months it was Christmas, so they took a little trip to Pier 1 imports and lets just say the studio looked like the North Pole!  Then at 9 months, it was Easter – and only these guys would be able to get their hands on real live baby chicks!  Sooooo….what do we do at the cake smash?  We get a 3-tier WEDDING CAKE!  LOL!  I LOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Kandy Cakes is located in Cambrige Ontario and she is willing to deliver with a discounted fee –  if you purchase a cake from her for your cake smash! I say she is WORTH IT!!! Check it out! 

Sorry honey – but that cake is way to heavy to pick up!

I love when toddlers sit like this!  Lol..imagine if we could sit like that and actually be comfy?

I will miss you guys!  Hurry back okay!?

And a parting gift from Lauren and Shannon to me and Will….(how CUTE are these!!!)

(also made by the talented Kandy at Kandy Cakes!)

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Do you not just HEART his lips!?  What a hansome little bear…guy!

Isn’t mom breath taking! I love this shot…they just look so peaceful ❤

mmmmm…something about a dad and his son….wowzers!

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This is little 4-week-old Owen.  Seeing how his nursery is nothing but monkey’s, I think this first picture is quite suited for this blog posting 🙂

I assure you that I did NOT pose him like this!! I put him down and he put his arms up!

love when people bring their own props…how cute!

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I have had the most beautiful babies this month with the most amazing names!  This little princess is no exception!  Isabella Rose…isn’t that just beautiful!  Little Isabella came into the studio hungry and stayed that way for about 2 hours (mom your a trooper!).  But we got some fantastic shots!

Last baby for mom and dad…so we just had to capture the lovin 🙂

Thanks Jessica for the backdrop!  I love how it turned out 🙂

Enjoy your sneak peak and I’ll be in touch when we return from holidays in May!

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This little man is only 13 days old and is just full of life! He didn’t want to sleep and when he did sleep … he woke very easily and I think it’s just because he loves being here and doesn’t want to miss a thing!

Little Eskimo!  How cute is this vest and boots!!!

Dont let this picture fool you…I think he blinked!  Hee hee hee…little angel

LOL! I laughed when I saw this one..almost forgot I took it!  He wanted nothing to do with removing his little hand away from his face…looks like he is hiding or saying “ENOUGH ALREADY!!”…LOL!

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Have you ever heard the name “Heaven”?  …Okay – now spell it backwards!  Nevaeh…(pronounced Na-vay-a)…well the first I ever heard of it was yesterday with little miss Nevaeh’s 1 year birthday session.  And what a beautiful little ball of Heaven she really was!DSC_5264

I fell in love with her big brown eyes!  Isn’t she so sweet!DSC_5197

Showing off daddies tat!  I love it (so does she!)DSC_5148

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Remember this beautiful Pregnant woman?  Well today I got to meet her equally beautiful baby girl and what a GOOD GIRL !!!  Baby Ciana (love that name) slept like a charm and did (almost) every pose we wanted!DSC_5492

Just look at those cheeks!!! Oh…I just LOVE cheeks!!! I could just squeeze em, and kiss em…and just eat em up!DSC_4982

I just love this age.  So sleepy…so chubby…so darn lovable!DSC_4976

I could just title this shot:  “Sleeping Beauties”…DSC_4996

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This little sweet heart came today at 2 weeks old…and mom and dad are sure she is going to be a big star!  (if not – at least a fan!!).  Sophie gave us a protest at the beginning, but as usualy I WON and she konked out for the rest of the session allowing us to capture some really GREAT shots!DSC_5657

I usually curl them on dads arm…but I thought this looked so cute so I just kept her that way 🙂DSC_5612

HOW SWEET IS SHE!!! Just look at those cheeks! I love baby cheeks!DSC_5655


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It’s sessions like this where the baby just sleeps and sleeps – that get me so behind in editing! Why? Because I just can’t put my camera down! I take and take and take until the baby finally says “NO MORE”!  Meet sweet little Alexa…only 8 days new and was such a good girl for her session!DSC_2684

Yup…she let me do anything!!DSC_2701

Another wonderful hat made by Cara from etsy!  www.handknitbycara.etsy.com DSC_2658

Just think…wonderful little precious babies…are all because two people fell in love…*sigh…DSC_2718

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