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Another little beautiful girl this week who we will call by the name of PRINCESS Kendall…

This pram was actually Kendalls MOMS pram! this is over 30 years old and in MINT condition.  I love it!  I would love to find one just like this in doll size 🙂

Just hangin out…

Playing with the lighting – I KNEW when I took it, I would just LOVE it! And I do!


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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got to photograph and meet this adorable little Miss Chloe.  For those of you who don’t know what Wee Piggies and Paws are – you should really go and check it out HERE!

Miss Chloe a whole year ago…

…and the beautiful little smiles a year later..

To wear…or to eat…

again…to wear or to eat…lol!

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A very original name as I’m sure there won’t be a single baby that comes through here again with that name.  I love unique names – and this is one I have never heard before.  this little princess wanted to stay awake, then when she fell asleep she really didn’t want to be touched, moved, cuddled…just left alone.  But we managed to sneak our way through this session and capture her newborn-ness just perfectly.

Another little peanut born at only 6 pounds 10 ounces – was a wee 7 pounds at our session.

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I just love that I get to photograph newborns.  It’s such a joy and so sweet to watch new parents with their babies.  This is the second time around for Malia’s parents, but the first for me to work with them and their newborn…I also learned from a potential disaster of a mistake today!  We started off the session with Malia’s big brother Liam (who is just barely one) so that grandma could take him out for the remainder of the session.  I was rushed to try and get him in quickly as he didn’t really have the patience for a tiny baby who has taken all the attention away this past few days..so I quickly take some with Liam and Malia, then quickly grab some family pictures and off goes Liam and grandma for the rest of the day.  They drive away, and I go to get started with this beautiful little newborn…look down at my camera and see “E” on the top.  For those of you who aren’t sure where this is going…well, there was no memory card in my camera!!! Yup…my heart dropped too! To my surprise, mom and dad were super sweet and put all my worries to rest…they will be back tomorrow to capture those moments again.  Believe me…that will never happen to me again!  Seems life is always rush, rush…but sometimes, we just need to stop – and smell a newborn 🙂

Daddy’s girl ❤

So bendy when they are so young 🙂

Malia’s dad also takes care of commercial and life insurance so if you are in need of insurance and aren’t sure where to go…please contact him Avi at 1-888-768-8001 or send him an email:  avi@csib.org

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Well, I must say that this is a first for me!  Sweet bundle of all girl (who mom and dad totally thought was supposed to be a boy) came into the studio today for her newborn session …still without a name.  She’s so cute, and so sweet, and SO awake…but needs a name 🙂  It was funny because when I asked her name, both mom and dad paused, looked at me…and I was so surprised that this little sweet heart was still un-named!  Feel free to leave some lovin at the bottom of this post making some suggestions for mom and dad 🙂  I’m sure they have a few names in mind but just can’t decide.  All they had picked out were boy’s names…what a surprise!

They don’t call her baby “x” by the way…that’s what I called her…

She’s a happy baby though…even without a name 🙂  What a hoo-t! (hehehehe)

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Last week I was supposed to photograph this beautiful baby girl, but she decided to arrive late so I missed out…but today I finally got to meet her and it was so worth the wait!  What a beauty!  The first hour she spent just looking around and feeding, but she gave in, and fell right to sleep and stayed that way for us for the next hour 🙂

Daddy wanted one with this little bowl because it looks like she’s a little peanut 😉

…and one requested by mom…

the perfect candidate for this pose.  What a doll!

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Another AWESOME name in the world of newborns…I just love it “Mackai”!  Meet little hansome Mackai at the tender age of 7 days!  He was perfect!  (& only went to the bathroom on dadd 😉 )

So tiny! Especially in dads arms!

One word comes to mind when I look at this beautiful new family…”charming”.  Aren’t they!?

Congratulation Marcus and Sarah!  You have such a beautiful baby boy!  I can see how in love you both are with him and I know you will do just fabulous!  Great job 🙂

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