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For those of you who havn’t heard of Wee Piggies and Paws…it’s an amazing business that capture your baby, your children, even your parents – forever in a mold of either their hands, feet or both.  I took my daughter in December to see Jamie and just yesterday she brought our life cast of us holding hands (see post below) and it looks amazing!! I wish I knew about this when my now 11-year-old was a newborn!  But being able to capture it when she was 10 will still show me forever how small she once was.  Onto to the excitement!! Congratulations on your new bundle guys!  She is BEAUTIFUL! This 6-day-old Chloe looks like a little porcelin doll!!!

Just look at those cheeks! YUMMY!

Beautiful new family!  Jamie is full of energy and she is truly amazing at what she does!  Located in Stoney Creek, it’s worth the drive no matter where you are coming from!  www.weepiggies.com

I LOVE her hair!! 

Okay…so now I have to talk a little about Jamie’s birth experience.  With her first child, it was painful and ended in an epidural and a long, unpleasant recovery.  This time she used Lara from Hypno Birthing Hamilton.  Jamie explains that she was very relaxed right up until time to push!  Yes – almost pain free!  Lara teaching the pregnant mom how to concentrate right through the birthing process and Jamie says it doens’t have to be as bad as everyone says it is!  Hypno birthing is NOT HYPNOTIZING you so that you have no mind control.  The term is actually prettey deceiving.  Lara is also not a doula…she trains you throughout your pregnancy and then it’s up to you to put into effect everything you have been taught.  Jamie said it was amazing!  She had  a very quick recovery!  No epidural either because there was not a lot of pain involved!  For more information please speak with Lara at info@hypnobirthinghamilton.com

Here is the lifecast I had done of me and my daughter. I LOVE how it turned out (Jamie you are amazing!!)…oh and it’s www.weepiggies.com (not CA).  Jamie does shadow boxes too which is the most popular way to display your childs tiny hands and feet! 

Here is a life cast of a 3-month-old girl…soooooooooo cute~~

Just one more of little Chloe and some of her mommies work.  You can get life casts mounted on light or dark granite.  It’s truly an amazing experience!  Makes a GREAT gift idea!!! And lets face it – mother’s day is coming up!!  You can also get ornaments, shadow boxes, hands done, feet done…the possibilites are endless!

Jamie and Shawn, thanks for coming out to see me yesterday and allowing me into your lives at such a prescious time!  6 days is definatey my favourite age!!!  Chloe is such a doll and I’m so blessed to have captured this time for you!!  I’ll be in touch soon when your gallery is ready!

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