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Check out the lashes on this hansome little man!!!  Busy little boy kept us all on our toes today…and how worth it to capture such a beautiful boy!

What a little monkey!  Love the colors mom brought!


Finally getting some big kid hats from Etsy!  Glad to use it on such a sweet boy!  Thanks for coming for Liam’s one year pictures – enjoy your sneak peak and I’ll be in touch soon!!!

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I don’t know if we spent more time taking picture or socializing at this session…return clients bring back baby Hayden and I think its safe to call them “friends”…We had a blast!!! Hayden finally loves me! YAY!!!

Hayden has been here for newborn, 3 months and now almost 6 months and what a beauty!  I love this shot! I find her eyes captivating!

Something about chubby babies and Christmas…mmmm just want to squeeze em!

LOL!!! Love these boots!  And the deer hat!!

I couldnt’ make up my mind when going through the pictures which ones to blog! There are just too many to choose from and this one caught my eye right away! Look at her smile!  LOVE IT!

Ooohhhh the sweetness of this next one!!! OH OH!  This is her moms hat from 1983 (I think that’s what she said)…Lol!  I think Hayden likes it 😉

And last but not least…I can’t give them ALL away! 

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I have been waiting to meet this little beauty since July!   Finally – got my red-head 😉  (is that selfish?) 

I know…I know…red hair and yet I did this one in black and white…but I love it!!!

Children are so unpredictable.  I love the cake smashing sessions because you just never know what your going to get…and this was no exception!  Little Rielly here basically touched the cake, got a bit messy and did NOT like that at all!  Session was over…lol.  But soooooooo CUTE!!!

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Have you ever heard the name “Heaven”?  …Okay – now spell it backwards!  Nevaeh…(pronounced Na-vay-a)…well the first I ever heard of it was yesterday with little miss Nevaeh’s 1 year birthday session.  And what a beautiful little ball of Heaven she really was!DSC_5264

I fell in love with her big brown eyes!  Isn’t she so sweet!DSC_5197

Showing off daddies tat!  I love it (so does she!)DSC_5148

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I am truly so very lucky! I got to see this sweet heart at a few weeks old – now at three months (stay tuned for 6 months, 9 months and 1 year!!)…but she is a beauty!!  This session is probably the most fun I have ever had a session!! (mom’s don’t believe me – but I am TELLING YOU ITS TRUE!)…Hayden did NOT like me (lol) and did not want to co-operate BUT…we got some of the best pictures EVER!!! So…Lauren and Shannon (my biggest fans I’m almost positive)…here is your sneak peak that I know you have been DIEING to see since this morning!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!DSC_4653

No – I was not joking when I said this little one is only THREE MONTHS! We did not pose her feet this way…we helped her stand and this is exactly what she did! I’m still giggling!!DSC_4664

Okay – so aside from this really cute fake pumpkin…Lauren made about 5 trips back and fourth from her vehicle grabbing pumpkin after pumpkin, prop after prop…and we had a BLAST with what they had for Hayden!  Etsy made a pretty penny from this family (lol – Lauren your cut off!)…but it was all so very worth it! Check out these images…and does this shirt not totally suit the picture!?Untitled-1

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