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Bengal CATS!!! Amazing!

Before I met Jenny, I had no idea these cats even existed!  Bengal Cats!  They look like leapards! Aren’t they so NEAT looking!!!  6 cats in my studio and I was in Heaven!  We can’t have cats because my husband is allergic to them (though these ones are hypoallergetic!

I don’t even know what to say to this one LOL!!

If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing one of these rare, but beautiful cats, please contact Jenny of Auraidia Bengals (website under construction) at:  auraidiabengals@hotmail.ca

Mom just making sure everything is okay with her baby 🙂  – aren’t their markers amazing!?


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Remember Ben-Ben?

Oh who doesn’t remember this sweet whippet!?  Remember Benjamin (aka BEN BEN) from about three months ago?  Well today I got to see a 3-month-old Whippet – BenBen’s niece!  Delivered by c-section and weighing only 5 ounces at birth…I would say she is quite the little thriving beauty!  Sarah – just one for now : )


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Simon Says…

Oh my gosh these dogs are hilarious and totally remind me of either cartoons (check out the eyes on this guy!)…or they remind me of the game Simon Says….LOL!!!

Cartoon guy…

Simon says….”Look over here”….

Simon says….”stick out your tongues!”

Simon says….”SMILE”

Simon says … “do whatever the baby does!”

LOL!!!  Too cute!

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Mia & Stella

I just LOVE pet sessions!  They come in, and they are so loveable and snuggly and they give more kisses than teenagers on a first date!  They are just so sweet!!!  First – meet Miss BLING!  “Mia”

Lol…little Princess!

And then all girl – but less “fru-fru” STELLA!

Both of these dogs were so well behaved!  This is what they would do waiting  for their turn to get pictures done 🙂  How cute!

requested by mom 🙂

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Oh my goodness….don’t you just LOVE HIM!!??  I have been wanting a bulldog for pictures for sometime and finally – this 10 week old ball of …well felt as heavy as a bag of bricks lol …finally came to the studio!  He was the perfect little model…time for a nap maybe?

…yes, leafs fan do actually still exist 😉

and Molsen brought his little friend Ruby along too 🙂

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I LOVE DOGS!!  This little CUDDLE CODI was awesome!!

and you will be seeing this woman in the future – both for maternity and newborn!  CANT WAIT!!!

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I just adore animals and today this big beautiful chocolate lab full of love came into the studio for his photography debute! 

I never imagined the “Pet” session to be so fun! But when you bring props and loving animals…how can it not be!! Just check out this cool cat….dog!

He may be NINE and he may be CHUNKY…but he CAN JUMP!

Jersey and his owner Sarah…havinga  stare down…I think Sarah won as Jersey just walked towards the camera after sitting there being bored (and licking Sarah to death!)

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I have recently decided that I wanted to venture into Pet Photography…I love animals (ALL animals) and I have had a lot of people ask about bringing their pets to shoots and especially for those animals owners and lovers who don’t have “children” and treat their pets like family and their children – why not be able to offer photography to those families too!  So today I got to meet “Ben-Ben”…a beautiful Whippet.  He had such a cute personality about him and just loved giving kisses!  My daughter came into this session and just loved it! I might have a little photographer on my hands 🙂  meet Benjamin:

Kisses for mom xoxoxox

…and one for dad who couldn’t be at the session…

What a blast…and a totally different realm of photography!  I LOVED IT!!  Thanks Ben-Ben 😉

For those inquiring into pet photography, the session only takes about a half an hour of your time and the cost is $75 (plus gst) and include your pictures on CD!  This is only a trial until September 2010 so get your pets in!  Parrots, dogs, cats, snakes, bunny’s,…I’ll photography ANY pet !  Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget to leave some lovin 🙂

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…and now PETS!

Since photographing sweet baby Hayden and her moms brough chicks to the session, I thought I would give pets a whirl! It’s quick, it’s fun…and I love animals so why not!  It’s done in studio and until September I’m just doing a trial.  $75 includes the session fee and the prints on disk with a letter of release!  Bring your parrot, snake, dog, cat, kitten, puppy…speaking of puppies…if anyone has (or will have) either a wrinkle dog, or bull-dog PUPPY around 8-10 weeks old in the month of May and will be willing to let me use him for a model for a picture I have in mind…your session fee is waved!  So email me if you know someone with this kind of puppy that would be available at the end of May 🙂

This is Harly…a beautiful female Great Dane (the BEST kind of dog ever!)

…and this is Patches

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