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It was such an honor to be a part of this wonderfully intimate wedding that took place in a small room surrounded by only 6 people, plus us 🙂  It was so touching and so amazing to feel the emotion in the room, and it’s something Will & I have never exerienced at a wedding before.  The bride was just gorgeous and the groom was filled with enough emotion to fill a huge church.  It didn’t matter how many people were there – it was so nice, and so intimate and even I felt a little knot in my throat as vows were exchanged…

When Sarah first entered the room…

After the ceremony, we went to the Ancaster Old Mill for pictures and to meet more family and friends for the reception.


Lol…imagine if it were the guys who had to carry the flowers?

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What a gorgeous weekend we had this Thanksgiving (and as a matter of fact it was a 10-10-10 that only happens every 823 years!).  How lucky are we!  Sunday, we got to celebrate another beautiful wedding day at the London Forest City National Golf Course.  Brittney & Cody were beaming with happiness – and yet so ridiculously relaxed for a wedding day.  It was fantastic photographing this family 🙂

Love mother and son moments 🙂

Could the back drop for wedding photography get any better?

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