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Remember THIS gorgeous family?  Well today I got to meet sweet, adorable 5-day-old Isaac.   He was just perfect for his session letting me pretty much do whatever I wanted 🙂

I absolutely love doing this picture.  I try and do it at every newborn session as there seems to be nothing more amazing than seeing the woman who brought their baby into this world.  You can feel her love for him through her eyes…

2 girls at home…and now there will be two boys.  This family is complete – is perfect.

…and here’s a picture for dad and his South African heritage – for all you’s still in Africa, this shot was special for you 🙂

Last one.  Funny story.  Mom got dad a gift for the birth of the baby of which the sex they chose NOT to find out.  They had NO idea if they were having a boy or a girl, but mom gambled…had this amazing ring made for dad with all the names of their four children…including Isaac!  (remember – no idea she was having a boy!)

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What an interesting name for this little Scottish man (and you know me and my names!)…I love it because it’s so unique and I have never heard it before and am sure it’s one I probably will never hear again!  Sorry for the delay in your blog sneak peak mom and dad (I had a gentle reminder today – so here it is) 🙂

Love this Pram! They actually use it (bought it brand new) …this IS the cadilac of strollers!

Even for an older baby…we managed to get him sleeping (brief) but done!

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Oh how lucky am I to photography 5-day-old beautiful baby Emma!  Full head of hair (with the cutest ‘old man’ hair do)…and she slept like a champ (oh the luck I’m having with these little bundles lately!)

and so chunky 😉

Little hatchling..

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Ohhhh…the name “Kerrington” I LOVE IT!!! ❤ ❤ and such a tiny little baby at only 5 pounds…

Have to get the rings 🙂

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My husband and I attended a photography conference just recently and we both came back feeling so inspired.  We have a new found love for photography (always have loved photography) but somehow this week – I see photography in a whole new light.  I listened to some amazing speakers, met some amazing photographers and came out with more wonderful ideas for photography (for our business) than I could have ever dreamed of.  Delicate Impressions Photography has some serious changes coming in the new year.  From a new website, to a new blog…to new pricing structure, to just meeting the needs of our clients in a whole new light.  I feel “inspired”…rejuvinated, amazed!  Today I got to shoot the gorgeous baby Mason…and my inspiration (I believe) has even come out in this photo shoot.  I feel as I edit these pictures and look at them like I’m sitting outside the box saying “oh my goodness…YOU took THOSE pictures???!!!”  I am finally reaching the potential that I KNEW God gave me…I’m finally getting the pictures my heart has longed for….Thank you WPPI for inspiring me…and getting me to where I am today!!!

…and one in color just because I love it!  Thank you L & N for coming out to the studio in 7 days.  Mason was such an awesome sleeper and did everything I could have wanted (and then some!!).  Enjoy your sneak peak and thanks for just being so awesome!!!

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I can’t express enough how much I love to photograph twins! Even though its harder to get pictures of two babies sleeping..I just love it!  I love the results!  Thanks Andrea for the referal!

Love black and white…

This is definately going to be one busy family for a little while 🙂

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Oh THE CHEEKS !!!  That’s all you could see when looking in this baby’s car seat!   Oh my goodness!!!!

He literally slept the entire session (took only just over an hour) …and then when he did have his eyes open, he just layed there like a perfect model!

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When little Riley came through the door at the tenter age of only 5 days, I thought “oh this is going to be easy he will sleep the whole time!”…but Riley had other plans.  The entire first hour (well after stripping him down), he wanted to kick and feed and let us all know he was here!  Grama came along for the ride and at about the hour mark said something among the lines of “I’m not sure I believe the website that says to bring them under 10 days…they sleep better…” BUT as I say 99.9% of the time “oh just wait…we will win this one” (and of course we had a soother which definately did the trick!)….

(above:  he was smiling…he pooped in that prop! lol!!)

So in the end…yes, the website was correct 🙂  Not all babies sleep the entire session away…but all babies do eventually fall asleep…

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Joseph’s very first outting was to my studio (YAY ME!)…have I mentioned that I love my job?  At only 7 days, this little sweet heart of perfection slept the entire time and peed on NOTHING!  He had the perfect little round head, and did everything we wanted him to!  He’s a total superstar!

Being all of 6 whole pounds, he was so tiny and curled up so well into every position 🙂  …didn’t even peep!

My newest prop – oh so excited!!!

Little angel he most definately was.

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