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This little girl is so loved and SO wanted!  10 years after trying and a lot of heart ache…mom and dad were thrilled and over joyed to find out they were finally going to have their chance at parenthood…and they are just SO in love with this little girl! Every coo, every squeek, every smile…the room lit up like  a Christmas tree!  I could feel the love, and to be honest, my face hurt by the time this session was over just with the smiling!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to capture this moment for this family.  Baby Rachael, is 6 weeks old…but just so tiny and perfect she curled up just like she was brand spankin new!

Isn’t she tiny?  Such a little doll…I could have cuddled her all day!

An actual smile!  Not a gas smile…an actual smile!  Awww 🙂

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Now I have to share my story from yesterday…this is why you should NOT hesitate to call and try and book your newborn in no matter the age, weight, fussyness, calmness, baby achne – etc.  Yesterday at 11 I had beautiful baby Olivia who was only 12 days old.  She came in sleeping and woke right up (totall normal for the start of sessions)…but for the next 3 hours and 40 minutes she didn’t sleep!  She peed on mom, peed down dads back, peed on some props, some towels…and was her beautiful baby girl self (unpredictable) and came to me at the “perfect age” of “under 2 weeks”.  Then just last week, I book in a ssession for 5 and a half week old Matteo.  Mom warns me he is a very fussy baby, probably won’t sleep at all and is there any possibility we can still capture this time for her (especially because Iwas totally booked for the rest of November and December)…but with a cancellation, I was able to get them in 🙂  …so after 3 and a half hours in the early afternoon with Olivia, I thought “uh oh” with baby Matteo coming who mom says is apparently fussy (hee hee hee)…in he comes, out of the car seat and voila – STAYS ASLEEP!! So, we capture some shots…then get him naked and of course wakes up.  (Typical way of things for newborn sessions).  But ah ha! Sleeps AGAIN!  This “fussy” 5 1/2 week old baby boy did magic for me yesterday!  I couldn’t believe how “fussy” he was – NOT!  What a little charmer this guy was! DSC_4917

Second-last shot of the session…STILL SLEEPING! Now, he did protest in between positions…but again – that’s not out of the ordinary! Babies do that! Then quickly fall right back to sleep with a few pats on the bum 🙂DSC_4921

And first shot of the session…see? SLEEPING when unexpected! I love my job! LOVE IT!!!  Enjoy your sneak peak Mr and Mrs. Rodrigues….thanks for coming out from Mississauga!DSC_4803

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2 days and 2 10-day-old beauties…yesterday a girl and today this hansome little man all the way from Oakville!  It was definately a battle of wills when he decided he didn’t want to sleep…but as you can see from the sneak peak …I WON!  (I always do) 😉DSC_4963

Something I just love about pictures of a mom and her new baby….DSC_4910

So this was near the beginning of the session…it appears he is sleeping…however he is not!  I just said “Alex, would you kindly close your eyes for the camera and pretend to sleep?”  and voila!  Some people call me the baby whisperer! hee hee hee….DSC_4881

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Little “Apple” came to me today at only 5 days new!  Slept the last half of the session like a champ! Gave us lots of GREAT shots!kayla5kayla11Mom and dad LOVED this hat~!  Most of my newborn parents do! If you want to purchase cute, fun, sweet hats like this go to:  www.etsy.com and type in “newborn hats” under the search bar~! Then bring your hat to your newborn session!kayla3All cozy in daddy’s arms…kayla4Just hangin’ out 🙂kayla2

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