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A year ago (ALREADY!)….

…and one whole wonderful year later….

I LOVE this face!!!


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Meet Mr. Mark…7 weeks and as bright as ever!  This little man slept on his way here from Oakville so didn’t want to do much sleeping but when we get these great shots with the perfect eye contact I just get all excited!  This was a shot requested by mom and I think she will be very excited!

This was one of the cuttest little outfits…but I love the face he made on this one and I was zoomed right in so just a teaster…but it’s an elephant outfit!! LOL! SO CUTE!

Yes…I said SEVEN WEEKS!  I have 3-month-olds who can’t quite master how high I need them to hold themselves up to get this picture….and little Mark mastered it without any trouble…(mom – I think your going to be in trouble! He’s a strong one!)

One of my last few sessions for this year…Merry Christmas everyone!  Happy Holidays and remember…it’s Christ we are celebrating this Christmas!

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