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It was so fun photographing Lisa & Chris yesterday for their engagement session at Albion Falls.  I have known Lisa for over 10 years now (wow – that’s crazy Lise!).  We have worked together at the Ambulance Dispatch centre and now together in Haldimand County as paramedics.  Lisa is such a fun person to be around and you just can’t help but laugh when your with her.  Lisa used to be phobic when it came to commitment, but seeing her THIS in LOVE and HAPPY just shows the world that Chris captured her heart COMPLETELY!!  This is not the Lisa I used to know…this is the new going-to-be-a-wife-and-mom Lisa, and I just love seeing it!  Now why did I call this post “The Kiss”?  OH MY GOODNESS…when these two kiss it’s like being in that place when people first meet their spouse, that “first kiss”…the passion, the excitement…it’s crazy!  So when Lisa & Chris kiss – even I feel like it’s their first kiss.  You can just feel how in love they are!

Love black and white

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OH the excitement of today!  I met with Hillary and Eric who are getting married in May – for their engagement session today.  They wanted snow – and neither of us wanted cold…but we did it and it was a BLAST!!  You guys are such troopers going through the exercise of today for pictures!  (Boy do I need to work out lol!).  This first one is of Hillary’s wedding shoes…I LOVE THEM!!!  I will be all over them in May let me tell ya!

It felt so good getting back into engagement sesssions today!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my babies – but when a wedding or engagement is thrown into the mix, I just get that excitement all over again!  Constantly looking for new things, and I mean lets face it…I don’t get pooped on! HA!

Hillary…you are stunning! You are going be an absolutely beautiful bride! I can’t wait!

I’m always looking to see how I can use different lighting…and the sun never disappoints me 🙂

Uh…can you say HOT HOT HOT!?

Mmmmm…you guys were so much fun today!  I honestly can’t wait for your wedding!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak and I’ll be in touch in a couple weeks with the rest :- )  ENJOY!

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This little girl is scheduled to enter the world around the 18th of December…however, if I were to enter the pool  … I would bet I will be doing her newborn session by the 2nd week of December!  DSC_5393

This belly is AAALLLLLLLLLLLLL baby!DSC_5441


I love the way this shot turned out 🙂DSC_5442

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Lucky LUCKY me! Another gorgeous day for another gorgeous wedding!  About 15 minutes before this outdoor ceremony the Sky’s opened up and it POURED!!  It was not looking good for the ceremony to take place, but as MY luck has had it all summer long, the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared, the chairs got dried off and this beautiful, happy couple got married in front of 100 of their closest friends and family.  This couple was amazing to work with and they actually both work thousands of miles away (over seas) in Abu Dhabi (near Dubai)  – where they met!  Tell me they weren’t meant to be!DSC_9528

Another awesome shot done my partner in crime (my husband) Will!  Great job honey! I love your creative side!020809_1105This wedding party is from all over the world!  Now that is amazing friendships for people to come here to support their wonderful friends in marriage!DSC_9493These 2 were a HOOT to work with!  Getting this jump shot caused a bit of sweat, a lot of laughs and one great picture!DSC_9531

Love that they were a FUN bunch of guys willing to do anything! As a matter of fact – the groom is the one who came up with this shot!  Thanks Mike! LOVE IT!DSC_9614DSC_9620They head back to work in only a few short weeks.  It was so great meeting you both and we wish you all the happiness in the world.  Travel safe! (okay – I think I’m addicted to the jump shot but HEY it’s SOOOOO fun!!!)020809_1216

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I absolutely love getting the chance to work with the same people over again!  I have now photographed this beautiful couple 4 times!!  Maternity, newborn, 6 month…now engagement and SUPER excited for the wedding in September!  K Ash, I know you have been searching blog hourly (lol) so here is your sneak peak 🙂 ENJOY!DSC_88452 EMS professionals coming together…hmmm…should I mention he forgot the cuff key after this shot? LOL!DSC_9011I LOVE how this one turned out!DSC_8991

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As promised, here are a few more pictures from Saturdays beautiful wedding at the Copetown Woods Golf Course.  Our first of 3 weddings there this summer!  It turned out to be a fantastic day and it wasn’t too hot and it was cool enough to keep the bride comfortable.  We had so much fun with this wedding party who was willing to do pretty much anything! Love these fun jump shots!DSC_0358No, not a model shoot…but you would think so!  This is one lucky groomsman! Lol…okay okay – they are his sisters!  HOT HOT HOT!DSC_7166 copyThis picture we like to have fun with.  One of our signature pictures!DSC_10129

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