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Another original baby name that I haven’t photographed as of yet.  And this little monkey only slept for the very first shot of the session.  Otherwise, she didn’t want to miss anything and gave me all the funniest faces!  Love little personalities!

Maybe tired…but still didn’t sleep.


So as this family was packed up and headed out the door, I nabbed little miss Paige back for one last shot…and SOOOOOOO HAPPY I DID!!!!

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It was so awesome to get to photograph my co-workers little addition (the first girl in 5 generations!).  Melanie is a paramedic in Haldimand County where I work my full-time job…and she now gets an entire year off to spend with her new family 🙂  (a family that is in very good hands!)

What a beautiful family.

I love when people bring something to a newborn session that has a little meaning behind it…this is what Melanie wore in her hair for her wedding.  So pretty.

Last one for now.


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Oops – a little late getting this posting up (sorry mom and dad!)…but alas…meet sweet cheeks Gabriella!  At day 13, she slept perfectly for us and let me do quite a bit.  I had to give her some lovin for a few shots, she gave in and voila!

G loved this pose, but not so much the whole putting her up on her hands though!  I think it was probably hard for her to hold up those cheeks! 😉

Nice and warm in daddy’s arms.

Just look at her little rolls…oooooh I love this baby!!

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Oh the sweetness that came to the studio today!  I LOVE her!! She slept the whole time…and mom was so great making sure to have Jessie in under 10 days 🙂  Remember this fit bombshell?  Well here is the beautiful baby girl that is going to be following in her footsteps 🙂

She melted into this pose no problems 🙂

and of course we incorporated these special butterflies that were in moms maternity session as well.

There were so many pictures I could have posted on here but I have to keep mom somewhat surprised when her gallery goes up.  So Marilyn, enjoy your gallery and I will be in touch in a couple weeks! Thanks again for coming in as soon as you could – it definitely paid off!

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Another beautiful baby boy came to the studio yesterday – and didn’t want to miss anything!  thank you mom and dad for bringing a soother…we got some awesome shots that I’m not sure we could have gotten without it 🙂

Don’t you just LOVE his lips!!!

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What a pleasure it was to photograph this tiny, but just beautiful little boy!  This is Hudson who came to see me at 9 days new!  And he was a little sleeper!  Such tiny features, and the purest of skin…I could have kept him!DSC_5406

Soooo tiny!  Fit onto dads arm perfectly.  Another hat from Etsy.  Love that site!!! www.etsy.com DSC_5468

I so enjoy capturing this pose! Something about them just hanging there and when you get to see their tiny little foot like that…mmmm just makes me all warm and fuzzy 🙂DSC_5436

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Sweet little 8 day old Paolo was just perfect for his session!  Ate, slept, peed on dad, slept, pooped on dad, slept…peed again on dad…and not once did he get any of my stuff! LOL…i say he was perfect!  😉DSC_0018

He is so sweet and had the cutest little cheeks!  Honestly – could you not just eat him up!DSC_3791

Mmmmm….all cheeks!DSC_3790

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What a small world…this little guy I had the privilege of meeting because I used to work with his grandmother at 9-1-1 Dispatch.  Lise, it was so great seeing you again and catching up!  Thanks for bringing your grandson to have his pictures with me!  He is truly a beautiful boy!!  LOVE his HAIR!!!DSC_2636

Definately a momma’s boy this hansome little one is!  He always wanted to ‘snack’ shall we say but he finally fell asleep and we got some GREAT shots!  I don’t know what it is about sleeping babies…but I could just eat them up!  I mean look at those cheeks!~DSC_2620

I LOVE his hair!  Gorgeous!DSC_2610

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Well…not quite newborn LOL…at 10 weeks mom really wanted to try some of the poses I do with newborns (we consider a newborn to be under 2 weeks old)…so this first image was the last shot of the session, and little man did not want to sleep! So you gotta do what you gotta do and see what you get 🙂DSC_3518

He loved sticking his tongue out…as a matter of fact, it was hard to get pictures without it LOL!DSC_3349

Love his eyes!DSC_3482

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This little man is only 8 days old and LOVES ME!! He made me feel GREAT today!  He cried with mom (think he just wanted to suckle all afternoon), cried with dad…but with me…..well lets just say that by the end of the afternoon my nickname was “the Baby Whisperer” lol! 😉blog13blog41

We did manage to get him to sleep nearly 3 hours into the session! but it was so worth it!blog22And OH how i LOVED this cat!!! Dad calls him “dumb dumb” LOL!! Look how he sleeps! Superman!!blog-april1

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