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A very original name as I’m sure there won’t be a single baby that comes through here again with that name.  I love unique names – and this is one I have never heard before.  this little princess wanted to stay awake, then when she fell asleep she really didn’t want to be touched, moved, cuddled…just left alone.  But we managed to sneak our way through this session and capture her newborn-ness just perfectly.

Another little peanut born at only 6 pounds 10 ounces – was a wee 7 pounds at our session.

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Wow – this is an amazing family with such a wonderful heart-warming story of daughter-mother relationships.  As I’m sure you won’t believe it either – these three are all MOTHER-DAUGHTERs!!

and can you say MELT MY HEART?!!!

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You know how much I ❤ LOVE my babies…but during this session, I honestly don’t know if I took more pictures of Knox (SWEET NAME) or his adorable sister Abigail!

Both angels ❤

Seriously…couldn’t help myself!

Just a gorgeous family all around!  I think they should make a career out of having babies lol!

Can’t help but smile.

Hmm, what do you think these two are communicating to each other?

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My very last newborn of 2010 was little mr. Justin.  What a handsome little soul he was too!  Didn’t want to sleep for the most part – but once he fell asleep, he was golden!

Proud big brother Marcus – what a smart (and adorable) 6-year-old.  Marcus wants to be an actor.  He even gave me a preview of his abilities and all I have to say is remember me Marcus when you make it big!


One word.  Gorgeous.

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I love when I photograph newborns …and then a year or two later get to photograph them with their brand new sibbling!  Here is baby Kingston from a year and a bit ago…

…and here is his beautiful baby brother Karsten…


last sneak peak for now ..

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Ohhhh…the name “Kerrington” I LOVE IT!!! ❤ ❤ and such a tiny little baby at only 5 pounds…

Have to get the rings 🙂

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Last week I was supposed to photograph this beautiful baby girl, but she decided to arrive late so I missed out…but today I finally got to meet her and it was so worth the wait!  What a beauty!  The first hour she spent just looking around and feeding, but she gave in, and fell right to sleep and stayed that way for us for the next hour 🙂

Daddy wanted one with this little bowl because it looks like she’s a little peanut 😉

…and one requested by mom…

the perfect candidate for this pose.  What a doll!

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When I received an email this week titled “newborn TWINS” I could not resist on getting them in ASAP!  Meet beautiful baby girl Chantal born at 7 pounds 7 ounces and only 4 days before moms due date!  Then there’s her little brother born at 8 pounds (the youngest of the two).  This story is amazing really – natural delivery, only 4 days before mom’s due date, released from the hospital almost right away and then into the studio at 6 days old – AND mom is nursing both babies full time!  Our session was at 10 in the morning – everyone was ON TIME (amazing for newborns) and no one looked tired – and all were super excited to get their pictures done of the newest additions to the Young family…Chantal was the fiesty one of the two, so I would place Carter first into his snuggly little position, then as I would place Chantal, she would kick and punch – literally beating him up and he didn’t move!  Tough little guy 🙂

Even after a beating…he still snuggles right into his sister…awwwww

Very happy, proud and helpful big sisters join in all the baby fun 🙂

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For probably about two years I have dreamed of doing a picture with a beautiful woman holding a beautiful newborn.  Though I wish I could take credit for the idea, I first saw it on captured by Carrie (my FAV FAB photog!)…and have always wanted to one in my own way, with my own tweek to it and make it as beautiful and as stunning as I have ever seen!  For about two years I have been dreaming of this picture wondering if I would ever get the chance…I mean think about it – I need a brand new baby and very HOT weather in order to keep him super duper warm while naked in the great outdoors.  Then I need a beautiful woman to hold the baby – but it can’t be mom and only because I would not want to put a new mom who just went through childbirth, into river water…then I need to find an AWESOME mom willing to let a perfect stranger hold her baby – and IN WATER!  So putting the pieces all together just seemed like the impossible.  Funny enough, when I first met Krystal Edwards (now Dagliesh) I always pictured her for this part in my picture.  Then yesterday, I photograph beautiful baby Mason, mention my thoughts to mom and she volunteers her gorgeous new son to be ‘THAT’ baby!  So I send out an email…and voila!  2 years of thinking and dreaming, 24-hours of actual planning, and 20 minutes with some seriously gorgeous people and my photography dream comes true!

I am SO HAPPY!!! I’m so happy and in love with how these pictures turned out!! I am going to blow one up as big as I can for a canvas print!!!  I am hoping this picture ends up on my car!!

Krystal, I’m so glad you had the day off!  Jacqueline, I am so greatful to you for your relaxed attitude and wonderful trust to have me capture this picture!  Steve…Mike – no worries, we took the best care of little Mason 🙂  You can see he was quite comfortable 🙂 Will (my hubby and best friend)…thank you so much for coming and for your help with this picture!  You are all so awesome!!! I’m so LOVING MY JOB!  My clients – my friends…you make my life magical!

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Sawyer is one of those babies that as soon as you see her (and her awesome head of hair) you just want to pick her up and snuggle!!!  This is such a beautiful family – I think they should have lots of babies!!!

Her head was like touching a teddy bear 🙂

And hansome Mr. Reese!  Does he not look like he totally belongs in the 50’s?

Most 3-year-olds when you say “okay pretend your sleeping” blink really hard and hold a little bit of a smile (if not – a huge smile)…well this little man did it perfectly!

See? Aren’t they STUNNING?

Sorry for the delay in getting your blog up (hope it was worth the wait) and thank you for the ebay tip!  I’ll check it out for sure! That’s a GREAT price!!!!

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