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My best friend came to visit for the afternoon yesterday with her newest addition to the family…I absolutely LOVE HIM!  I must say, that after this session, I held him for 4 hours – straight!  Lol~! I just couldn’t put him down!  I love babies (no big secret)…but as much as I photoraph them, I so badly want to snuggle them and kiss them and just hold them all the time.   Imagine coming in for a session and your photographer is kissing your child over and over and over ? LOL!  So since I can’t do that, I knew I could with this little guy and I DID!!  Meet Mr. Noel…

Two sessions in a row yesterday and NOT ONE SINGLE piece of laundry!! 2 babies – (let me rephrase…) two NAKED babies, 6 hours…and not one accident! Unheard of!

Little Lion

We can’t forget big brother Heath who is just a screaming, yelling, hilarious boy (who loves when you jump out and say BOO)!  He also loves to ham it up for the camera:


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Oh my gosh…today I got to meet two of the CUTTEST babies ever!  First came Jude…poor Jude!  This first shot shows Jude just being a happy, sleepy newborn…BUT….

…YES I said “BUT”…..if this picture doesn’t say a thousand words…LOL (permission from mom and dad to post)…

After all the giggling and mom finally being able to peel herself off the couch…we managed to get a sweet picture of this wonderful family from London 🙂


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