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Meet Mr. Reid Harrison…what a classy name for such a little peanut!  One of my greatest friends from high school (Larin) and I have been in touch ever since high school and I hate to say it -but it’s been almost 15 years since graduating high school (YOWZERS!).  Larin was always so awesome with my daughter when she was younger – and we always knew he would be a great dad someday.  It’s so amazing to see him with a wife and now a new baby….

I just LOVE this picture! ❤

and one to show just how tiny this adorable 5-day-old boy is…

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Today I had one of my life’s best friends come by for a maternity session.  I have known Larin for over 15 years (since we used to hang out in high school)!  Larin has been an amazing friend over the years and a huge help (more than I can ever express my thanks for).  Last September I had to miss his wedding because we were shooting a wedding for someone and it was such a sad day to miss as all of our closest friends were sure this day may never come!  But he met a wonderful woman and it’s just so amazing to watch just how much chemistry these two have and how head-over-heals in love she is with him.  Jana, thanks for being such a good sport today 🙂  I have included a little sneak peak at what I’m sure will be YOUR favorites 😉

Jana and Larin are expecting their first baby in February and drove here all the way from London for this session.  Please feel free to leave some encouraging comments here if you have been here for a newborn session as I know that it will be tough for them to travel so soon after the birth for an hour and a half in the winter.  It’s nice to have some encouragement from other moms who have gone through the same thing…but it IS WORTH IT!!!

Because I have known Larin for so long…this ultra sound picture is SO HIM!  Same mouth, same nose – this baby is going to look just like his dad!  (I say “his” – but we have no idea what they are having)…a boy...a girl…a baby.

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Sarah and Jamie have been friends of mine for years now and they let me into their lives when I first started photography photorgraphing their now 3-old-daughter Ava…well my goodness has my work ever changed over the last three years!  I don’t know if I even have the files of baby Ava to compare but I’m sure these picture of sweet SWEET Liam are definitely a huge change from those of three years ago when I was just starting out 🙂

I love (LOVE) love when babies smile!  I know, I know – gas right?  I really believe they just love having their pictures taken 😉

Lol…here is Ava…

This picture was literally snapped at the exact moment of one of the fastest kisses I have ever witnessed!  Click of the camera .1 seconds late and I would have missed it!

and last but not least…

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