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I’m not exactly sure where to start with this blog posting…it means a lot for me to photograph this beautiful family…to start off with – a couple years ago, I was called to MUMC for a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep session.  The baby was a little older than a newborn and he was going to be let home so that when it was time for him to pass away, he would be home with his parents…. It’s never nice to get called to photograph those sessions, but I feel so a part of each family that it’s an honor to give back something they can cherish forever.  Kayne was 6 months old I beleive at the time of our session at MUMC and meeting his  mom Stacy and his dad Tyler – they were a young, beautiful couple VERY much in love with their son.  They were told that Kayne’s lungs would never grow so that he could only sustain life on his permanent ventilator until his lungs just couldn’t handle it anymore.  Well they took Kayne home…they celebrated his one year birthday…then is second birthday…then he went off the ventilator during the day…his lungs began to grow just like that of a normal childs lungs…and someday, this family will be able to teach him to eat and to talk (he is learning to sign right now because he still has a trach)…and Kayne will be able to run and play …and needless to say this is a very happy ending to what was supposed to be a tragic story!  Tyler and Stacy are engaged to be married next July and I cannot be more blessed to be a part of their lives and to capture this amazing time for their family.  They are so in love with each other and SO in love with their son – it BEAMS!  Today we met at the Leander Boat Club for their engagement session and their hansome little man joined in all the fun!

Like I said…BEAMING!

I shot a wedding reception at the Leander boat club a few weeks back but we never ended up getting down to the water, so when I got to choose the location of this e-session…I jumped all over it!  This is SUCH a beautiful spot!  And who knew? In the heart of down town hamilton!

Kayne is such a happy boy, and so full of love and joy … I love his smiles – but I chose this picture because it’s his eyes that tell a thousand words…

As Tyler put it…here is his “HOT” wife-to-be

…and as Stacy puts it…her “handsome” husband-to-be

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