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Marvellous Monday

Well, it’s been a week of craziness around this house.  Lots to to think about, lots to just sit back and take in.  As most of you know from Thursdays post, my husband was involved in a head-on collision on hwy 6 just outside Caledonia and was one of the luckiest people I know to have been able to walk away from it!  Our family has been in touch with the family from the other vehicle and we ask that prayers continue to go out for them.  His condition is still critical but he’s stable.  His injuries are such that he fractured his femur, elbow, ribs #3-9, his spine (same as ribs)…he’s intubated and has a chest tube.  Among other injuries – this is what he is suffering, so please keep him in your prayers.

This past week there were a few occasions that past as well…my daughter turned 12 ! I can’t believe I have a 12-year-old!  It’s crazy to say TWELVE?!  It feels like just yesterday I was holding her and taking my first pictures of her…

1999 was the year Mia was born.  February 2nd at 6:20am.  After only 4 hours of labour, she was finally here!  I dreamt I was having a boy…I could see him in my dreams exactly what “he” looked like.  I can’t tell you how excited I was she was a girl! SO EXCITED!!!  A few months later, I got one of my first cameras and you will laugh when you see this next picture, but this was my first attempt at photographer 12 years ago…LOL!

One of my younger days with my new baby 🙂

This past week would also have been my moms 53rd birthday.  She died in 2002 of stomach cancer.  It’s so strange without her here and yet because she lived in London and I lived here…I just feel like we don’t speak on the phone  like we should.  Just like we haven’t talked in a while.  Today I grabbed a scrap book that I made for her and gave to her the week before she died.  I loved looking at the pictures and seeing the styles back in her day…but this wedding picture is the ultimate!  From left to right…my Grandma and Grandpa Kinch…then my dad, my mom and then Grandma and Grandpa Allison.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Lol…this one is a funny one to! I think I was 12 in this picture?

One more for the archives.  In 1998 we went on a cruise through the Make-a-wish foundation.  My sister got it because at the time she had leukemia and obvioulsy the end result was unknown.  She’s alive and well and doing great (and still the biggest pain in my $*&)!! hehehe….

What a week.  I’m finally getting around to beating this cold, Will is healing fabulously and over all we just love our family time and are trying to enjoy every moment.  I also want to send out a big congratulations to one of my best friends…Larin and his wife Jana welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world Saturday afternoon! Can’t wait to take pictures!

Thanks to all my clients in January who have been patiently waiting for their galleries.  I really appreciate your constant encouragement and faith in me.  You are all so wonderful 🙂  Happy Monday everyone!!! Oh – and here is my 12 -year-old playing with our 5-month-old dane….LOL!

Step one…snuggles…

Step two…taste…


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