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This was the BEST newborn session I swear!  This is baby Reese (mom gave me permission to use her name) who came to the studio at only 5 days!  I think this is my new favourite age!  She slept the ENTIRE session and didn’t pee even ONCE!  I had zero laundry to do after this session – unbelieveable!  Sorry for so many pictures this time…but I just couldn’t choose my fav 2 or 3…there were so many and mom and dad let me try anything I wanted to!  Enjoy the sneak peak! I loved working on these pictures!  reesereese1reese2reese4

Mom really loves this petti skirt! So we did a couple different things with it but this one I loved!  How sweet does Reese look all bundled in there!reese3This one is too cute!!!  This shows just how ‘bendy’ little one’s can be when they come in early!! Way to go mom for booking your session this soon!reese5And this picture I havn’t tried yet but I get so inspired by another photographer from the states Captured By Carrie.  Truly- she is amazing and does all sorts of hanging shots inspiring many photographers to try it!  This was our first attempt at this one and it worked wonderfully!  reese6Baby Reese smiled through out the entire session and it seemed only when I put my camera down would she do it! But I caught a few of them…and this was one 🙂reese7

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