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The winner of the Hamilton Spectator Baby Basket – happens to be the grandma of this little man who I have photographed before! What are the chances!? So happy I got to work with him again…and OH THOSE CHEEKS!! I could just eat him up!

He was all smiles at the beginning of our session…

…but when they are tired of getting dressed and changed and moved and over stimulated…what do you do to bring on the smiles?…bring  in a great big 4-month-old puppy!

One more for mom 🙂

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I just love this age.  I don’t often get to photography 3-6 month olds and they are just so fun and you never know what your going to get with them 🙂  Mason was so sweet, and so happy – and he even slept for us!!!  (Jamie – your wee piggies picture is now in the works!) lol

Such big gorgeous brown eyes~!

See?  He slept! And let us move him and mold him – at FIVE months!!!

Bit of an age difference, but this is Mason with his big proud sister Alysa.  I think this turned out so sweet.

Even awake in this cute position – Mason was a very happy little boy 🙂

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It was a wonderful vacation that I surprised my husband with!  He gave me a beautiful engagement and I wanted to give him something somewhat the same in return and lets face it…you only turn 40 once!  So last Monday…my husband had finished a lengthy and tiring work week and asked to sleep in …soooooooooo at 9a.m. I put my cell phone full blast on my bedside and snuck out to do a non-existant “photoshoot”.  I then called my cell to ensure that I would wake him up.  He answered the phone tired and confused…”Hi baby it’s just me calling from the kitchen (LOL) …I know you wanted to sleep in…but turn on the light and look on the bedside table..bye”!  With that said, he turned on the light to find a card with a little gift.  The card said:  Good Morning lover, from me to you…a card to start, and walk you through…one through four with gifts between…now start the path to where we’ve been”…with that, he starts to open a little trail of small gifts…toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, a lufa…shampoo…then onto a new trail that lead out of the bedroom and into the livingroom.  Card # 2…”All those things will keep you clean, if we get dirty is yet to be seen…the next little set will surprise you too, but I’m only thinking of my man…thats’ YOU!”  (okay so I’m not the best poet LOL)…and this little trail of gifts ended in the opening of immodium, gravol, pepto, bug spray… LOL! This trail led him to card # 3: So we’ve coated your stomach, and sprayed for insects, but keep going my love…oh how much better it gets!!!”  …this trail ended with gifts wrapped such as sun screen for your lips, sun tan lotion and after sun!  Oh the excitement that must have been flowing through his blood!  Then the last card that he was lead to sat on top of a suitcase!  ” Last but not least, a suitcase to pack.  7 amazing hot nights, until we come back!  so when do we leave?  You have phone calls to make! We leave in 2 hours for the flight we will take!  I’ve arranged time off work, your parents – they know! but Evan does not – to his school you should go!”  AND OFF WE WENT!!! Until we got to the airport – he had no idea where we were off too!  I love surprises!!!! 

Something about my husband and the abiltiy to catch rainbows!!  this was our view from our first day at lunch!  I just love the ocean!  And this just made it extra nice!  And…a wedding about to take place!

As most of you may know, my husband is an OPP officer…so when we saw the Mexican police he jumped at the chance to get as close to this gun as he could! check it out!!!

we took a nice long 2 hour walk down the beach of Mayan riviera..almost all the way to Palaya Del Carman!  Saw lots of neat things like wild lizards, huge waves, and birds that I swear looked like dinasours!!

Some of the BEST things about vacation is meeting great people!  This couple we hung out with most of the week – they are from New York.

OK seriously – HOW FUN IS THIS!!! Life-sized JENGA!!!!

The pool (well and 5 star) is what made me choose this resort.  This is only a small portion of this pool – and it’s awesome!  This is the Blue Bay Grand Elsmerado in Mayan Riviera.  It’s a 5 star resort (kids are allowed).  The food was good, the people were super nice, the rooms were very clean!  Would I go back again?  No…but not because of anything other than I want to visit the world and never return to the same place twice 🙂

We chose not to take our professional cameras on this trip this time..but instead took our little Olympus point and shoot – which is  an underwater camera too!  So we played around with the flash a little and just LOVE how this last picture turned out!!

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Well, October is officially booked!  I can no longer take anymore bookings as I am waiting for the little one’s expected late September, early November and obviously October to fill in the gaps in what appears to be available spots left.  For those of you needing pictures for Christmas, I urge you to please book your appointments now for the first two weeks of November.  Any bookings after the 15th of November – there is no guarantee that you will have your pictures back in time for Christmas.

On another note…I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! To all of who are making this business…this passion – a dream come true for me.  I am so thankful to you all and I hope your lives are continuously blessed as the time goes on.


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