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What a classic, beautiful name!   If I had another baby, and it was a girl, I would seriously consider naming her Scarlett…I LOVE IT!!!  This little beauty slept for the majority of her session which is NOT a common thing for a 1-month-old to do!  Mom said she bathed her before she came in some baby-bed-time lotion thing (I totally can’t remember the name) and that is what she thinks kept her sleeping! I need to get the name so I can pass it along 😉

Mom just loved this shot that she originally saw at Jamie’s place and requested we try it with her ❤

For the farmers in the family…

Thank you for coming for your newborn session little miss Scarlett.  I hope to see you again soon…little angel.

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This past week I have met so many sweet little bundles and Ryder was one adorable and handsome little man!!  Slept through the chaos of his brother and sister running around, Peter Pan playing and just all the fun being had in the studio that day.  Thank you Jamie for sending your sister to me 🙂  You both look SO MUCH alike!!!  After a year of photographing your little Olivia, it was nice to photograph a boy in the family 🙂  Wonderful meeting you Lori!

This is one protective, loving, motherly sister!!  She LOVES her little brother and I’m sure she will do everything in her power to protect him as they get older ❤

Lovin her last baby.

Another sweet name added to the Delicate Impressions baby book.  Ryder.  Love it.

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This was one of the greatest newborn sessions.  This little man stayed asleep for the entire session (all of the only 1-hour it took) and didn’t leave me with any laundry?  Unreal! He was adorable, had the cuttest little old man hair and has thi little wrinkle between his eyes like he’s always angry…lol.   Just like dad 🙂 (not always angry but has the same marking lol)

Mom really wanted the rings…so mom gets the rings 🙂

Still sleeping zzzzzz

so tiny ❤


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Not only an awesome name (aka “fin”) but now my most favourite age!  DAY FIVE is the BEST newborn age for your session.  This little peanut slept the entire time and mom and dad will end up with a ton of pictures to choose from!  Bring on the day fivers!

Lol…we had him resting on all four limbs!

Requested by mom..


…and what’s a sneak peak without one for dad 🙂

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I promised some sneak peaks in January and given this past week have not been able to put them up, but here I am with some quiet time able to catch up 🙂  Last week I got to meet the adorable miss Caleigh.  I got to photograph this families first newborn almost two years ago now and so thankful that they were able to make it back with their second daughter 🙂

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Wow – this is an amazing family with such a wonderful heart-warming story of daughter-mother relationships.  As I’m sure you won’t believe it either – these three are all MOTHER-DAUGHTERs!!

and can you say MELT MY HEART?!!!

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You know how much I ❤ LOVE my babies…but during this session, I honestly don’t know if I took more pictures of Knox (SWEET NAME) or his adorable sister Abigail!

Both angels ❤

Seriously…couldn’t help myself!

Just a gorgeous family all around!  I think they should make a career out of having babies lol!

Can’t help but smile.

Hmm, what do you think these two are communicating to each other?

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This little guy is my first newborn of 2011 – the winner of  free photo session from the Hamilton Baby Expo.  I must say – this is one BIG boy! Born at over 9 pounds and over 22 inches long…he’s definitely got his daddy’s height.

One of my new hats this year – adorable!

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My very last newborn of 2010 was little mr. Justin.  What a handsome little soul he was too!  Didn’t want to sleep for the most part – but once he fell asleep, he was golden!

Proud big brother Marcus – what a smart (and adorable) 6-year-old.  Marcus wants to be an actor.  He even gave me a preview of his abilities and all I have to say is remember me Marcus when you make it big!


One word.  Gorgeous.

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What a tiny little God-made piece of perfection this guy was who came to the studio today 🙂  If I haven’t mentioned it in the past…I really, really, REALLY love being a newborn photographer.  It’s my most favourite thing in the world! LOVE IT!

Very proud big brother used to fit in this wagon himself once.

So as you know I’m a huge ETSY fan – but this adorable hat came all the way from Scotland!  Would love to have a Scotland Etsy!

Gorgeous mom came in looking stunning! Heals, dress, you would never know she gave birth less than two weeks ago…

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