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This little guy is my first newborn of 2011 – the winner of  free photo session from the Hamilton Baby Expo.  I must say – this is one BIG boy! Born at over 9 pounds and over 22 inches long…he’s definitely got his daddy’s height.

One of my new hats this year – adorable!

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Just a little late with this posting….and just one picture to tease mom with for now 🙂  But I must say this is one of my favorites (and like I said on facebook…I’m sorry – I’m eggdicted!)

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I think Marko and I had a game of Marko–Polo, only “Marko” meant awake and busy and “Polo” meant sleepy! I’m not sure but I think he won?! (though you wouldn’t know it looking at these shots he he he)

The cuttest chunky cheeks!

Since 4 generations couldn’t make it to the photoshoot…we made sure they could still be a part of it 🙂  this one’s for dad

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So after shooting sweet little Ashley and being so lucky…doesn’t baby James come in the studio and do exactly the same!  BUT – didn’t have one accident!!  He slept the whole time, had a couple little snacks in between poses and just gave us all the sleepy, curly shots we wanted! Even a few new ones!

A word that comes to mind when I look at this one…. B E A U T I F U L

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Meet 6-day-old Ariana Rose (another gorgeous name in my book of records!).  This little lady was absolutely perfect.  It took her about an hour to settle into a nice deep sleep but when she did – the pictures just started flowing.  This first shot is in an outfit that Ariana’s mom wore home from the hospital when she was born!  Love it!

Isnt’ this one fun!  See…baby’s don’t always have to sleep – especially when they are THIS happy awake!!! 😉

I could have kept this hat!  Mom brought it and we HAD to use it….I love it!

Sleeping beauty…

I absolutely love photographing first-time parents.  They are just so careful and so unsure of their little addition and it’s just so obvious how in love and attached they are in such a short time…this family was truly wonderful to photograph (and they let me snuggle Miss Ariana for a while too 😉 )

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Meet little Mr. Luke!  Seems every pose we put him in he gave us a great big smile!  Here are just a couple for now 🙂

Even without the smiles…this little man is adorable!

so in love…

I love doing the “arm” shot because these are the one’s that show how really small your babies all once were…this one is no exception! Look how tiny he is 🙂

Thanks Bruce and Courtney for the patience while trying this picture.  I like how it turned out but I’ll keep trying 🙂

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Laundry, laundry, laundry…oops I mean  Olivia, Olivia, Olivia…sweet 11 day-old Olivia who was perfect in every way and slept just great!  We weren’t sure she would fall asleep and then definately didn’t think she would stay asleep but she did and we were able to capture some pretty sweets shots!

See?  Little sleeper did just great!  Hit a milestone today too…her belly button cord came off at my studio – just in time for pictures!

Love the awake shots to so we all get to see a babies big beautiful eyes! 

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…well not the first ‘born’ in 2010, but the first newborn for Delicate Impressions for 2010! I’m so excited to see what this year will bring!  I couldn’t be happier to start it off with little Sophie who you would think could focus perfectly! Just check out these big beautiful eyes!

Sophie stayed pretty much in post positions even though she was wide awake…but she sure seemed focused! I think she wanted to get to know the photographer!

“Hey lady…I’m not going to sleep!  Cool camera though!”  he he he 😉  What a beautiful little girl! 

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Oh the sweetness that came to the studio today!!  5 pounds of tiny-ness (is that a word?)lol…I could have just done picture after picture of this little sleepy man!  He was just too sweet for words!

Could you not just eat him up!?  Look at the rolly-polly arms!  Mmmm…I just love babies!!

We even managed to catch a tiny smile!

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Remember this beautiful Pregnant woman?  Well today I got to meet her equally beautiful baby girl and what a GOOD GIRL !!!  Baby Ciana (love that name) slept like a charm and did (almost) every pose we wanted!DSC_5492

Just look at those cheeks!!! Oh…I just LOVE cheeks!!! I could just squeeze em, and kiss em…and just eat em up!DSC_4982

I just love this age.  So sleepy…so chubby…so darn lovable!DSC_4976

I could just title this shot:  “Sleeping Beauties”…DSC_4996

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