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Wow – what a weekend I have had an amazing story to tell of today (Sunday) but I will leave that for my “Marvellous Monday” post.  For now, a little sneak peak at Mr Brayden who came to visit the studio on Friday.  At 3 weeks old Brayden did NOT want to sleep at all.   Though in the following pictures you would never be able to tell 😉

One word comes to mind when I see the following picture and look at his lips…PERFECT!

Mmmmm….family ❤

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Today I got to meet these two adorable baby girls ❤ I absolutely LOVE shooting twins!

Also love black and white!

Only 7 days old, their older siblings were so happy to have them here.  Being identical twins too, it was cute to hear their brother and sister try to guess who was who…

Teddy Bears.



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What a little doll this baby was yesterday!  Just over one week new she ate…slept…ate…slept…never really gave in where she was relaxed white enough – but she did awesome!  I adore her name to.  Seems a litte ‘vintage’…so I went with the vintage look for her images.

For the soccer fans that her parents are…

and I just adore this one with mom 🙂

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Dear Santa, Thank you for all the wonderful babies that are bringing into my studio.  Thank you for bringing, warm, snuggly, sleepy, wonderful babies into the studio and for answering my letter 🙂

Santa, thank you for all the great hats!

…and for all the tiny toes!

…and for all the curly, sleepy poses the babies let me put them in.

Thank you most of all for all the wonderful mom’s who make it all happen 🙂  (and the dads too).

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Oh my gosh I couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness of this perfect little boy!  What a gorgeous baby!  He slept the entire (90 minutes) of the session and didn’t pee on a single person or prop.  He just did so amazing and let me try out some cute, bendy poses

One of my newest hats.

It was just beautiful to watch these three together.  They are so in love with him.

He slept the whole time and even gave us a smile.

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Joseph’s very first outting was to my studio (YAY ME!)…have I mentioned that I love my job?  At only 7 days, this little sweet heart of perfection slept the entire time and peed on NOTHING!  He had the perfect little round head, and did everything we wanted him to!  He’s a total superstar!

Being all of 6 whole pounds, he was so tiny and curled up so well into every position 🙂  …didn’t even peep!

My newest prop – oh so excited!!!

Little angel he most definately was.

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Well, I must say that this is a first for me!  Sweet bundle of all girl (who mom and dad totally thought was supposed to be a boy) came into the studio today for her newborn session …still without a name.  She’s so cute, and so sweet, and SO awake…but needs a name 🙂  It was funny because when I asked her name, both mom and dad paused, looked at me…and I was so surprised that this little sweet heart was still un-named!  Feel free to leave some lovin at the bottom of this post making some suggestions for mom and dad 🙂  I’m sure they have a few names in mind but just can’t decide.  All they had picked out were boy’s names…what a surprise!

They don’t call her baby “x” by the way…that’s what I called her…

She’s a happy baby though…even without a name 🙂  What a hoo-t! (hehehehe)

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After quite an embarrassing ordeal on Friday night (I didn’t write down a session and was in Ancaster when they showed up…) I finally made it back to the studio apologizing for the mishap and thoroughly enjoyed photographing little 13-day-old Luca (another awesome name for the books!)

Absolutely amazing!  Yes – he was not quite two weeks old yet and he pushed himself up and actually HELD IT !!  I could walk away, grab my camera and he stayed like this!

The final shot of the night and so worth the wait : )  Thanks Angelo and Siobhan for your patients and understanding!  I’m so glad I got to meet you all and capture this time for you!!

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Meet sweet, sweet (and fiesty) baby Ricardo!  Little man was a little feisty at first and didn’t want to sleep, but mom had all the goods ready – soother, bottle…and voila!

Another gorgeous baby with a head full of black hair – felt like a teddy bear! Cute like one too 😉Last but not least – a request from mom.  Worked out great!

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Oops – a little late getting this posting up (sorry mom and dad!)…but alas…meet sweet cheeks Gabriella!  At day 13, she slept perfectly for us and let me do quite a bit.  I had to give her some lovin for a few shots, she gave in and voila!

G loved this pose, but not so much the whole putting her up on her hands though!  I think it was probably hard for her to hold up those cheeks! 😉

Nice and warm in daddy’s arms.

Just look at her little rolls…oooooh I love this baby!!

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