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Last week I got to meet the beautiful Pricsilla who is expecting her first baby this December.  Shy at first, she ended up doing just fabulous and I think we captured her pregnancy perfectly.

Dad is just as excited as mom for this little boy to arrive

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Today I got to meet the lovely Lisa for her maternity session.  Due in just two weeks Lisa is anticipating the arrival of her beautiful baby girl!  I can’t wait to meet her 🙂

Just one teaser for now Lisa.  It was great meeting you and I look forward to meeting your baby girl around 6 months 🙂  (I can’t beleive your making me wait! ha!)

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I really wasn’t sure what to call this blog posting as I was thinking perhaps “Miss Fitness” would do as well!  Today I got to meet the beautiful (and very fit) Marilyn.  Truly an inspirational woman who has kept fit all her life and is now finally having her dream come true of expecting her first baby.  Also an ultrasound tech – still managed to keep it a secret.  She has no idea what she’s having and I can’t wait to meet her newest addition next month!

I feel like it’s been forever since shooting a maternity session, so my mind was just going crazy with ideas and things to do … and to take advantage of ‘miss fitness’ (hehehe)…this pose I normally do with material, but we did this one with a sports top, runners and in the ‘crunch’ position…yup – due in FOUR WEEKS!

These butterflies mean something special to this family who lost a loved one to breast cancer in 2005….

Last but not least, probably my favorite picture of the session…I’m always looking at new ways to use material..and when I thought of this one – I was extatic to get it on my computer and see how it turned out…voila!  LOVE IT!

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I am seriously in love with this womans shoes! Lol! Is that possible?  I tried to make this session about her baby…really! I tried! But the shoes kept creeping into the shoot! 😉  Aren’t they isn’t she stunning!!?

I think RED is just beautiful on this mom-to-be!  Thanks for making the trip out tonight and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak! I know there is only a couple but there are lots more to come!!!

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I got to meet beautiful Sarah last week and the poor girl has been waiting longer than normal for this blog post!  Thank you Sarah for your patience …it’s been a crazy busy (but wonderful weekend) and I’m finally able to do some catching up!  Sarah is due this May and is pulling off this pregnancy thing just beautifully!  I can’t wait to meet this little one – so loved already.

Though I would love to take credit for the above pose – I have seen it in a few different places.  First – by my all time FAVOURITE photographer out of Las Angeles California – Carrie.  Then I saw it done by Marie…I have been waiting to do this pose, but you have to have a willing volunteer and then someone who is willing to allow this one to go on the website.  Thank you Sarah 🙂

She literally glows!

Sarah, again I apologize for the great delay in this post…but I hope it was worth the wait!  See you all in May 🙂

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I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job I love…okay you get the picture! But seriously!  I HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER! I get to meet new people, touch the lives of new families, I get to laugh, cry, jump up and down with excitement and I always get new challenges which just make me love this “job” even more!  Meet the beautiful Lisa and Lori.  Sisters who are both expecting very soon!  Lisa is an ultra sound tech who discovered she is expecting twins (imagine being the one to personally see that you have TWO babies inside!) Lisa also knows the sex of Lori’s baby but is keeping it a suprise which was also very cute to listen too…Lori would say “if I have a girl…” or “if it’s a boy…” and I couldn’t read Lisa at all to see which one it was!  (Have I mentioned – I LOVE MY JOB!)~

I had been going crazy weeks and days before this sesion thinking of how I could make these two into book ends (lol  that sounds so funny!)…and I love the show “Friends” so we used a few seasons to make them into ‘book ends’ 🙂 or I guess…movie ends? Lol!

Lori and Lisa, you were both such fun people to work with.  I had a blast and am so excited to meet your new babies! You have a wonderful sister (who started the ball rolling on this session by getting newborn gift certificates!) that I think I would like to adopt her as my sister to!  Thanks again for letting me capture this time!  Enjoy your sneak peak…there are so many more to come!!!!

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Mom here is proudly awaiting baby number 2! With one princess already here, we are all anxiously wondering and waiting to meet either prince or princess #2…DSC_5519

Donna…you look absolutely stunning! I love the contrast of this color…next time I’ll see what aqua marine looks like…but this one compliments Donna perfectly!DSC_5590

Enjoy your sneak peak guys and I look forward to meeting the new family!DSC_5530

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Due on December 12th…this couldnt be a better gift!  Tracy, thanks for making the trip out and being my first maternity client in the new studio!  I had a great time today and hope you did to…enjoy your sneak peak!DSC_3802

This little girl is so loved already and I just know she is going to be spoiled rotten!DSC_3807

Mom and dad…so in love.  They are both so excited to meet their baby…DSC_3819copy

Love these little collectable shoes!DSC_3857

This shirt makes me laugh!! I LOVE IT!!! DSC_3873

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I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Julie today due in just 4 weeks!  Here is a quick peek for now and I promise there are more to come….DSC_3737

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I swear I’m the luckiest photographer! I get to shoot the most wonderful people and capture thier memories!  Another beautiful couple expecting thier first child…a bouncing baby boy!  Can’t wait to meet him this November! Enjoy your sneak Peak and I’ll be in touch…DSC_1740Always trying to figure out uses for material…love this shot! Doesn’t mom look stunning!DSC_1783DSC_1789

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