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Wow, time flies!  I can’t believe I have done this little girls pictures – once while in mom’s tummy, then newborn, then 6 months…and now already one!!  I can’t believe how time flies!

Olivia loved this little bed! Loved it!

:)…lol!  Olivia was seriously one of the funniest little kids I have ever photographed…she would pull this one second, then giggle the next…

The best part of doing the one year session – is the cake smash!

Please mom? Please can I have just one more bite?"

Too cute!  Can’t wait to see you all again Jamie!  Hope you enjoy your daily does of the blog with your Olivia being today’s star!


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What a beautiful name!  Remember beautiful little baby Reyna from last year?  Well I had the pleasure of celebrating her first birthday with a cake smash session! And what a HAM!!

I love giving out Etsy’s website then when mom’s bring stuff for their session from Etsy!  Don’t you just love these colors?

Reyna loves her mommy and spent most of the session trying to chase her around for snuggles 🙂

I’ll be in touch soon! Enjoy your sneak peak mom and dad 😉

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Meet ADORABLE Mr. Lukas!  All out in supporting our Canadian Olympic Athletes! 

Lukas is 6 months old and was just a sweet HAPPY little boy!  It was so fun photographing him today and the little drops of drool that rested so perfectly on his chin just made me giggle!

A little surprise for daddy…this is the tie Lukas got dad for Christmas~and since dad couldn’t make it to his session, mom thought it would be a cute gesture…and I totally agree~ What a hansome little man!

Oh man could you not just eat him UP!  The faces he made today had me laughing and laughing!  I LOVE this age! LOVE IT!

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Remember sweet little baby Olivia from last summer?  I got to see her again today at the SWEET SWEET age of 6 months!  I can’t tell you how much i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when my babies come back! It’s amazing to see how much they have grown …and well – how chubba wubba their cheeks get! And lets face it, I have an OBSESSION with cheeks!

Check out those dimples!!! Oh man I love my job!

Oh the sweetness 🙂

“Hey mom…check out this baby!”…lol

I love playing with the lighting for different shots and this is just one reason why:

Okay…needless to say:  I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!

Olivia’s mom is Jamie and Jamie runs an accounting business out of her home.  Jamie is a great person and so very personable!  If you need an accountant (and tax time is coming SOON)…please visit Jamie at www.jamiemcnulty.com or email her at info@jamiemcnulty.com

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Sweet baby Easton is turning ONE!  This little man came to visit me for my Christmas Mini-Session at only 5 months old…and now I got to see where he lives!  All smiles this happy baby was making me giggle!!DSC_4203DSC_4146And now by far my favourite Childrens face! OMGoodness how FUNNY is this!!!  After tasting his cake for the first time…here’s his reaction: LOL 🙂DSC_4354

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This is my best friends sweet little 8-month-old charmer!  He has THE FATTEST CHEEKS I have EVER SEEN!!!  So cute! Honestly…from the side, you almost can’t see his lips 🙂  He is so darn cute~!heath1h3

Love these little socks!  h11

I’ve been wanting to do this picture for a while…finally got a baby that could crawl, but not walk!  But he didn’t sit still for long! Love that smile!h4

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