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HA!  Today I photographed two of the most beautiful little girls.  3 month old Reese, and 3 year old Teagan.  Let me tell you, Teagan totally pulled on my heart strings.  I’m talking hugs, and helping and doing everything that was asked of her…she was polite, and sweet…and I seriously would have adopted her for my own if her parents would have let me!  So during the session, she’s sitting there being all cute, and out of the blue she looks right at me and says “May I have some bacon”?  I was giggling and giggling, and trying to hide how much I was laughing inside – well it was physically painful LOL!  I was chewing gum and little do I know that apparently it’s also called bacon in the home of Teagan.  I guess one day she called it bacon and it has now been called that for who knows how long.  So tell your kids that gum is called bacon and we can pull a “Teagan” when we say we want some bacon!

These two are going to be so close when they are older.  Two of the happiest children I have photographed yet!


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I was honoured to be asked to come and photograph little Gabriel’s baptism on Sunday…but had to decline because I too, was getting baptized!  It was definitely a great day Sunday!  So since I couldn’t go to Gabe’s baptism, we brought the baptism to me 🙂

Love the details.

Gabe’s God Parents.

and of course we had to do some for fun!

Love the hats!

after our little mini session we finished off with these two adorable furry critters…lol

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Yet again, spots are filling up fast!! There are only 2 places left for the workshop and so far 2 photographers have inquired about them but have not given a confirmation…please call asap if you are interested in attending the Bellies-2-Babies workshop June 5 & 6 😉

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