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I’m soooo allowed to say that! Willy is my husbands brother…and though I was not their official photographer, I was asked to still take a few pictures and I must say – what a CRAZY bunch of COUNTRY PEOPLE! (See…I’m allowed!) Lol 😉  Yesterday was a chilly – but beautiful day to get married! We captured some truly fun and awesome shots!Willy Wedding (disk one) 007

I absolutely LOVED Leslie’s dress…love that colour purple!  I’ve seen this dress in red…but never purple and it was just beautiful!W10

Will – you make a GREAT cowboy! Totally fit the part!  W11

The perfect cowboy : – )W12

It was fun being able to photograph my brother-in-law and my husband!  They all looked so great!  (Will and Will looked the best HA!)…long story – but YES they are both named “WILL”W4

Ladies and Gentlemen…my husband!W2

The wedding partyW5

And it starts here…the bride and groom could not keep their lips off each other!W6



Ahhem!  W9

There we go!  One of our favourite shots…no lip lock in this one!  LolW3

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