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Our last wedding of 2010 was a fantastic day with two wonderful people.  Another beautiful ceremony that took place at the Ancaster Old Mill (I think that place is my second home lol)…and I just LOVE IT!!

It was absolutely freezing outside …but you can’t even tell!  Thinking warm thoughts…thinking warm thoughts…lol

Paul and his sweet little niece..

The bridal party was a blast of course…nope…still can’t tell how cold they are…

How sexy is SHE!

Last one for now Erin & Paul.  Sorry for the delay in the post – hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

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Will & I attended a photography conference a short while ago and learned some key information on wedding photography.  We felt pumped, excited and super ready to shoot our next wedding (COULD NOT WAIT!).  Today, Missy & Chris tied the knot at Ruthevin in Cayuga and the images we took caught every moment to remember their special day!  This beautiful couple have been together for 12 years…and watching them say their vows and interact with each other through out the day…was like watching magic.  It felt like watching a couple on their first date!  AH-MAZE-ING! They were SO in love…you could feel it!

These two families werre an absolute RIOT to photograph!  Everyone was so friendly, and giggly, and outgoing…we had some great laughs (love you all!!)

Not only was the family fantastic to work with  –  but this wedding party was out of this world FUN!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

I would love to take credit for this pose, however I got the idea from an awesome New York wedding photographer at the conference – Gordon!  I love the end result…something I’m pretty sure I either would never have thought of, or could have – but not for years!

I love SO many images from today…it’s so hard to pick just a few!!!

…for now, this is the last.  I’ll facebook a few more as I edit them…otherwise I could be here all night….LOVE this wedding!

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So Friday night I went to bed super pumped and excited to shoot this wedding.  I know that wedding season for most photographers is the summer -but this year we only have one each month until September – THEN it’s wedding season for Delicate Impressions!  So with only the one in July, I was just itching to get out there and shoot!  I had so many ideas and was so excited to work with Katie and her beautiful sister Donna who would marry her best friend on this day!  Donna and Matt are such a sweet couple and absolutely wonderful to photograph!  We had a blast last year at their engagement session and I knew this day would be even better. 

I love her eyes!

I absolutely LOVE the photographer Jasmine Star out of the states – she is amazing and kind and willing to share anything – including her tips on the “First Look”.  The first look leaves the bride and groom so calm at the ceremony that they get to actually focus on their vows and not that first impression.  The first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony – it’s amazing!  They have their moment of that first look and they can chat, cry, hug, kiss, just be totally in the moment with no pressure in front of hundreds of guests…

The beautiful flower girl litte Miss Aubrey

Now here is a group of people willing to do anything in pictures.  Though this is the ever-so-fun jump shot, they were more than happy to be as silly and crazy as they could while up in the air! LOVE IT!

So I discovered that it’s not me – it’s my camera!  It starts pulling me towards an area and then it starts beeping louder and louder…then it starts yelling “CUTE BABY ALERT!” and suddenly I have no control…the camera just starts shooting!

such a sweet moment

I love this old building at Ruthvin.  Just before the storm started to roll in (which by the way never did reach this beautiful couple)! Only a few spits of rain at the end of shooting 🙂


These have got to be some of my favourite wedding pictures to date!  The hay field, the sky – the bride and groom willing to treck through it telling me only half way through that she is allergic to hay!  What a trooper!  And oh so worth the shots we got!  The only thing better would be lightening in the back ground…hmmmm I’ll see what I can do lol 😉

Amazing!  Just…amazing!  Enjoy your peak for now Donna and Matt (well – when you get back from Mexico)!

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