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Jack Jack Jack.  I love that name…and for such a little man it seems like such a big name – yet suiting!  Love this one…”put your dukes up”…lol

Just hangin around looking out the window.

and though Jack didn’t sleep the entire session, as you can see he still pretty much let me do whatever 🙂

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Yay! I got to photograph a baby boy today!  I have had a few girls lately (which don’t get me wrong – I just love!) but who wouldn’t love an adorable 7-day-old SU-WEET baby boy!

With Christmas right around the corner – we just had to throw in one of these.

Love the grasp on mom and dad’s rings 🙂

One for dad – with smile to boot!

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Meet tiny little Lucas…who’s due date was actually today!  Lucas is alost 6 weeks old…but so tiny and slept like a newborn!

I just love his big poutty lips!

Wide eyed…what a doll! I almost wish I had one of those bald cabbage patch dolls…how funny would that be!  He could so pass for one (sooooooooooo CUTE!)

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This is beautiful baby Sadie!  She came into the studio today and although only 8 days old, I started giving mom and dad the lecture of “please don’t worry if she wakes up when you start to get her into her birthday suit, likely she will think she’s hungry, get really upset and you will have to feed…blah blah blah”…but little Sadie had other superstar plans!  She stayed asleep the entire time and we just got picture after picture after picture!!!  Thanks Sadie…you are a slicee of perfection!I love when you bring props that challenge me!  I have always wanted to try a guitar!  She slept on it perfectly!Took us a while to get this picture, but we got it!!!  Seriously – Sadie was just the perfect sleeper!Beautiful family…and just so in love with their new baby girl.  Box a Kleenex a must for parents this in love 😉

Okay…so this is the CUTTEST!!!!  Oh man…CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I could just eat her up!!!

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Last night I finally got to meet Mr. Evan.  Little man was in quite the hurry to get here and just a week after mom’s maternity session, he was delivered in emerge after JUST making it there by ambulance!  Mom and baby are doing fabulous and I just loved getting to photograph this little slice of Heaven!

and of course we had to include a hat!  What a little hansome man!

…at almost 3 weeks old, mom had the magical touch and was able to get him to sleep rather quickly!  Actually, this is one of the fastest newborn sessions I have ever done.  We were finished in under an hour and a half..!

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The beautiful baby Lyla has finally arrived! Remember the sisters maternity session from last month?  This is one of the babies who made the books ends for the Friends videos…and what a CHARMER!  Lyla wanted to protest today too…but once we put some cute little hats on her – we were golden!  (I think it’s fair to say I’m officially OBSESSED with hats!)

This hat compliments her teddy bear cheeks!

Ohhh I love this one too~~!

Congratulations Lori – she is just beautiful! 

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