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Well it has been an adventure to say the least.  Our family has always loved Great Danes and we have had two in the past and we could not wait to have another addition to our family.  We were originally planning on getting our new Great Dane puppy next spring – but then came Kingston.  We found CK Harlequins and their love of their danes captured our hearts and we knew whatever pup we ended up with would come from amazing blood lines and from a home of nothing but love!~  As a matter of fact today when we loaded Kingston into our vehicle, the breeder cried….and then I cried…and then my daughter cried.  My daughter had no idea we were getting our newest furry family member today and was ecstatic when we arrived at the breeders house and we were surrounded by hundreds of pounds of dog…but when she saw the tears of the breeder….she cried.  She was so sad for them…not realizing that Kingston is in a new home filled with people who have wanted him for a long time.  Welcome to the family King!

Kingston is only 3 1/2 months old…he will be 4 months on January 10th.  But check out how big this boy is going to be…this is my daughters 11-year-0ld hands….

First day home and we have had only one accident (wow – big and smelly!!) lol…but we love him anyway 🙂 how could we not..just look at how cute he is!

Every month we will keep taking the same picture to see just how big he is going to grow – and just how fast.  Not sure what his weight is right now – can’t wait to find out.  But here is his full 3 1/2 month old size.  Stay tuned for next month and see how big he gets in just a short time 🙂

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