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If only we could remember being as young as ONE year.  The freedom, the lack of responsibility, get fed when hungry, changed when dirty, bathed, loved, kissed…imagine being ONE.  It’s a blessing to have pictures when we can’t remember being that young…

and this picture…is worth a thousand words…

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I am truly so very lucky! I got to see this sweet heart at a few weeks old – now at three months (stay tuned for 6 months, 9 months and 1 year!!)…but she is a beauty!!  This session is probably the most fun I have ever had a session!! (mom’s don’t believe me – but I am TELLING YOU ITS TRUE!)…Hayden did NOT like me (lol) and did not want to co-operate BUT…we got some of the best pictures EVER!!! So…Lauren and Shannon (my biggest fans I’m almost positive)…here is your sneak peak that I know you have been DIEING to see since this morning!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!DSC_4653

No – I was not joking when I said this little one is only THREE MONTHS! We did not pose her feet this way…we helped her stand and this is exactly what she did! I’m still giggling!!DSC_4664

Okay – so aside from this really cute fake pumpkin…Lauren made about 5 trips back and fourth from her vehicle grabbing pumpkin after pumpkin, prop after prop…and we had a BLAST with what they had for Hayden!  Etsy made a pretty penny from this family (lol – Lauren your cut off!)…but it was all so very worth it! Check out these images…and does this shirt not totally suit the picture!?Untitled-1

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Sweet baby Easton is turning ONE!  This little man came to visit me for my Christmas Mini-Session at only 5 months old…and now I got to see where he lives!  All smiles this happy baby was making me giggle!!DSC_4203DSC_4146And now by far my favourite Childrens face! OMGoodness how FUNNY is this!!!  After tasting his cake for the first time…here’s his reaction: LOL 🙂DSC_4354

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