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Good morning world wide web!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead.  I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have come to realize that I am so involved in work, work, work – that somehow, I need to make photography and blogging a little more personal.  For one, it keeps me remembering the week that has past, makes me really “KNOW” the highlights, low points and just all arond be thankful.  I find that days pass by so fast now, that I don’t ever really just stop and smell the roses (so-to-say).  So, every Monday, I’m going to ramble, rant, rave – just babble about my week prior.  LOL!  Some of you I’m sure will bored out of your mind and others might be going through the same hectic crazyness and just want to see that others (me) share in your insane, passing-by-too-quickly lives!

So, to start – it’s been a fabulous year so far!  We got a Great Dane puppy (our 3rd), and he is definitely MY dog.  Follows me around everywhere and is such a good dog!  Aside from pooping in the house (3 days in a row free of poop so far), he is really great!  And for a dane, he’s quite the protector!  I adore him to pieces!

Also, I had all good intentions of having my new website up and running by now (and my new blog), but it’s been a little crazy these past couple months and working two full-time jobs – I just havn’t found the time!  Yes – TWO full-time jobs.  For some who don’t know, I’m a paramedic full time in Haldimand County – and for you blog followers, I’m a full-time photographer too LOL!  Both “jobs” I love!  Paramedic was always my passion until photography came into the picture.  Now being a paramedic is just my job – and photography is my passion.  I love it SO MUCH!!!  The thought of quitting being a medic is something that has crossed my mind many many times.  But I just can’t let it go and hey, as I look at it – your babies are in good hands 🙂

Another aspect of my life that I love is that my in-laws live upstairs in their own apartment which is a part of our house.  It’s funny seeing reactions when I tell people I live with my in laws, but truely – I love it and would not have it any other way!  They are fabulous.  You ever have a friend that you don’t speak to for months, but then you pick up the phone and it’s as if they were never away from your life?  Yet if they moved away- something terrible would come over you and it would be like this huge void is missing?  That’s how I feel about my inlaws upstairs.  I love them being here and if they were to move – I would feel so sad 😦  It’s nice when I get up in the morning, sit at my computer or get ready for a session and I get a text on my phone “coffee is ready”!  YES YES YES!!! Just when I feel like a fresh cup of coffee – voila!  Plus, our kids are here and when we work, they always have someone home with them – and of course now our guard dog 😉

Also just a note about Tonia’s Tuesday Treats which have been a great success…I’m going to change it to a monthly thing instead of every week.  I think that will be better – and more anticipation too 🙂  Thanks everyone for participating in the contests – it’s been so fun!!! I love it!

Oh – how was everyone’s weekend?  I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning.  Doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and threatening my family that if there was evey ONE disk on the counter when I woke up this morning there would be serious trouble~!  More like “I’m going to SNaP”…and it was still clean when I got up! YAY!

Well, that’s all for now and since I will never be in the postition to have my own newborn again, I leave you with a picture of me and my best friends newest addition Noel.  I literally held this baby for FOUR hours ha!  This is what I want to do to all  the sweet, adorable newborns that come into the studio!  If I didn’t think it would totally creep people out – I would smother your babies in hugs and kisses and cuddles lol!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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The winner of the Hamilton Spectator Baby Basket – happens to be the grandma of this little man who I have photographed before! What are the chances!? So happy I got to work with him again…and OH THOSE CHEEKS!! I could just eat him up!

He was all smiles at the beginning of our session…

…but when they are tired of getting dressed and changed and moved and over stimulated…what do you do to bring on the smiles?…bring  in a great big 4-month-old puppy!

One more for mom 🙂

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It was a treat to have miss Avali back in the studio for her holiday mini session.  I didn’t have a santa suite, so mom and dad brought one so that dad could play santa and it was PRICELESS!!!!  Here is the happy Avali…

Here is Avali’s first time seeing Santa (amazing!)…but wait for it…

lol…and here is the not-impressed Avali who would probably like to disappear at this exact moment of the picture…

Maybe next year she will love him?  Too cute.  Sorry Avali for putting you through that (she felt much better once dad removed his beard)…lol

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Wow…is all I can say to describe such an awesome day with so many beautiful children!  I feel so blessed in my photography career and I’m so thankful to all of you who signed up for the session and for the 99% of you who’s newborn sessions I have also done!  It was so excited to see your little one’s come back and SUCH a fun experience~!!  Yesterdays mini sessions started off with sweet little Sadie….

In June, I had a photography course here, and all the photographers got to meet baby Cody.  He was so sweet and such a good sleeper at our session …and it was so nice to see him again!  He looks just like he did then (maybe a little bigger) 🙂

and the gorgeous Madeleine who’s newborn session I also did…then for halloween she was snow white.  So happy to see her again for the holiday mini session 🙂  Love her sweet little faces!

Alexa.  Oh my goodness, Alexa did not know what to think when she came into the studio and saw the lights and all of us crazy people making ridiculous noises trying to get her to smile lol…

One of my FAV names that have come through the studio.  Beautiful little Ariana Rose.  Love this age, love this girl!

A future model in the making…Mr. Colton.  I have been lucky enough to photograph this happy-go-lucky boy since he was in mom’s tummy!

another handsome little guy who I was lucky enough to meet when he was just born too!  Mr. Noah…such a sweet baby.

Baby Coleton I first got to meet for his halloween mini session, and lucky me to get him for Christmas too 🙂

For those of you who checked out the sweet Christmas picture I posted of the little girl who touched santa’s hand…this is Keira 🙂  Her mom is also a Paramedic.  Keira has the BIGGEST brown eyes!

I call this guy “little Mr. Man…all boy, cutter than every and full of smiles!

last but not least, one of the CUTTEST toddlers I have every seen!  Miss Abigail !  I photographed her almost two years ago and am so excited to meet her baby brother or sister this January!  But seriously – check out that smile…those cheeks..Oh my goodness!!

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