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Wow – I can’t beleive I have been photographing newborns for just over two years now.  So much has changed between then and now…and I realized it all when I got to meet 10-day-old baby Sofia, the newest additon to the Plevel family.  I first met them TWO years ago when I lived in Binbrook and photographed their 6 day old son Stefan.  SO much has changed…then, I lived in Binbrook – now I live in Caledonia.  Then, I was single – now I am married.  Then, I shot with the Nikon D70S – now with the Nikon D700.  Then, my studio was my diningroom which I had to re-arrange every day! – Now – I have my own studio in my own home with it’s own entrance (YAY!)…so very much has changed and I am so thankful! First and foremost to God who gave me not only a job that I love (Paramedic) but a passion in life (Photography) which I ADORE!  I am so thankful for my family who supports my work-a-holic personality and then I’m so humbled by all my clients (who I have become friends with) and for your trust in allowing your brand new children into my home and into my hands to create memories for you to hopefully last a lifetime…I love you ALL!!

Now…onto my ‘then and now’ baby’s from 2008 and little sister of 2010.  Here is a somewhat similar shot of both Stefan two years ago and now Sofia today 🙂

The blanket in this shot was Sofia’s mom’s when she was born!  I love this kind of prop – when parents bring something meaningful to them 🙂

I think Sofia showed up her brother in this session – when he came for his newborn session at only 6 days old, he had to come back at day 7 because he wouldn’t sleep or stop crying – but he finally gave in on day 7…but little Sofia here – first time – last time! She did AMAZING!

This was a tough one, but we got it!

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Hmmm…notice anything in the last 4 blog entries that are the same?  Well the number 4 seems to creep in there and I think it must be good luck! Today I got to meet this teeny, tiny, little peanut all of 4 pounds 14 ounces (and I mean TINY!).  She was so alert and wanted to see the world and not miss a thing!  After peeing on dad and giving me some laundry…;-) …we finally got her to sleep and she did fabulous!

It’s so cute when babies suckle…when they are asleep!  Too funny…

Such a doll

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I can only think of one word when it comes to my job – BLESSED.  I am so blessed and God has been SO GOOD to me!  After a beautiful FOUR week old boy this morning and an adorable FOUR month old girl this afternoon, I got to photography this amazing, gorgeous FOUR day old beauty!  (that wasn’t planned by the way 😉 )

What a pretty name…

kisses from daddy

Mom fell in love with this headband and flower…and she was just beside herself during this shot.  Who wouldn’t be though…I mean really – a 4-day-old sweet heart relaxing on her tiny hands…too CUTE!!!

Is mom not just gorgeous!!  I love how this one turned out!  yes…she gave birth FOUR days ago!

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Meet Little Mister Landen (love that name!).  We had to reschedule this one a couple times because he wanted to stay all warm and cozy inside mom, but today I finally got to meet him!

Just check out that cute chubby-ness!  What a sweet heart!

Daddy's little Fireman

What a beautiful family…

…and a favourite shot for mom…

Enjoy your sneak peak Erin and Adam!  It was great to finally meet you and to capture this awesome and all-to-quickly-passing-time for you!  He’s just gorgeous!

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What a sweet 6 pound ball of lovin this little princess was!  Two weeks early and teeny, tiny.  Baby Saige (man you people are picking some fantastic names!) came in today to start the ball rollin on newborn sessions coming up!  She did fantastic!  Gave us some super sweet pictures 🙂

Lol…singing in her sleep!

There is something about this pose that makes my heart melt! Maybe the fact that they are pushing their cheeks up and making them all fat and pudgy!  I just love it!

I can’t say it enough how important it is to bring your little one in – the sooner the better! Day 7 is optimal!

Had to throw in a black and white…love black and white!

Mom picked out this hat.  I love the pom poms 🙂

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Finally got to welcome little Cameron to my studio for his first session.   A bit of a scary entrance into the world but healthy and home and sweet as can be, Cameron made it to his session at only 3 1/2 weeks old.  He was still quite tiny and able to curl up into many positions.  He did a lot of protesting when we moved him around, but he settled quickly and let us capture this wonderful time in his parents new lives 🙂DSC_3675

Awww so sleepyDSC_3689

So halloween is over and CA-BAM! In with the Christmas stuff! I love Christmas and will be putting every baby into this little outfit until January LOL!  But so cute!DSC_3707

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Just like 99% of my newborn sessions, this one started out the same way…we get little Kingston (LOVE THAT NAME) into his birthday suite and he wakes right up and starts to cry.  So we feed and he is a little fussy still, then feed some more…then mom is thinking “I’m so sorry!” or “I don’t know if we will get him to sleep” or “I’m not sure we’ll get those cute sleepy poses like on your website”…then VOILA! Magic! Some call me ‘the baby whisperer’ LOL okay okay…onto the sneak peak!  I just love so many images from this session!  Mom and dad ENJOY!  DSC_4657


DSC_4693Dad was pretty nervous holding little man on just one arm, but we got this pose perfectly!DSC_4635Sleepy, tiny little boy…so cute!!DSC_4663

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The first thing you think of when you see this first picture!! I just LOVE IT!!! LOL!  Almost like it could be an ad campain for the early 80’s when everyone used to give the peace sign…


Mom requested this photo – one I have done before and she loved it.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?e1And how cool is THIS!  This paint can was decorated for baby Emma and given at the baby shower filled with gifts! How creative is THAT!e3

e5Believe it or not, this pose is extrememly difficult to get! However…I think I have discovered the trick! It worked first try!  Now I have to see if it was just this 12 day old beauty co-operating perfectly, or if I actually figured it out! e4

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This was the BEST newborn session I swear!  This is baby Reese (mom gave me permission to use her name) who came to the studio at only 5 days!  I think this is my new favourite age!  She slept the ENTIRE session and didn’t pee even ONCE!  I had zero laundry to do after this session – unbelieveable!  Sorry for so many pictures this time…but I just couldn’t choose my fav 2 or 3…there were so many and mom and dad let me try anything I wanted to!  Enjoy the sneak peak! I loved working on these pictures!  reesereese1reese2reese4

Mom really loves this petti skirt! So we did a couple different things with it but this one I loved!  How sweet does Reese look all bundled in there!reese3This one is too cute!!!  This shows just how ‘bendy’ little one’s can be when they come in early!! Way to go mom for booking your session this soon!reese5And this picture I havn’t tried yet but I get so inspired by another photographer from the states Captured By Carrie.  Truly- she is amazing and does all sorts of hanging shots inspiring many photographers to try it!  This was our first attempt at this one and it worked wonderfully!  reese6Baby Reese smiled through out the entire session and it seemed only when I put my camera down would she do it! But I caught a few of them…and this was one 🙂reese7

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This little man decided to arrive as a Christmas gift for mom and dad!  Labour began Christmas morning …and 30 hours later on boxing day – Big “B” made his debute!  Here he is at 6 days old! He was a charmer that’s for sure!dsc_6362-copydsc_6411-copyI just LOVE how his little feet almost make the shape of a W…hmmm maybe for “Weee little baby”dsc_6343Proud big sister just wanted to be in as many pictures with her brother as she could!  benjamin1

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