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A first baby on the way for this soon-to-be new family.  Brenda came by yesterday to capture this awesome time in their lives..though I think with all the illness this pregnancy has caused, they are super excited to get this little man  OUT!

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Red…WOW…Red…beautiful…Red…STUNNING!  I don’t know what’s going on but I am getting the most amazing pregnant women coming to the studio!  Beautiful Chelsea leads the way for a very exciting February!  I have so many babies and bellies coming this month, including some twins – I can barely contain myself!  This month is also the first Babies-to-Bellies workshop I will be holding in my studio teaching other photographers some tips and tricks with babies, bellies, lighting and photoshop 🙂  It’s definately an exciting month full of amazing moments – and tonight started it off with a bang!

These two are just so happy and so excited to meet thier baby boy…or girl…later this month!  ME TOO!!!  Ohhh….I hope for red! Lol…

I’m not sure if you were ever into modeling Chelsea…but you should be!  No matter what this mom-to-be put on, she looked just wonderful!

For their little one inside that they like to refer to as “Little Buddy”…so sweet!

This is definately a month of love! Valentine’s is around the corner and ‘red’ is in the air!  I’m so excited to meet all the new babies this month and see all the beautiful bellies!  Happy February everybody!

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I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job I love…okay you get the picture! But seriously!  I HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER! I get to meet new people, touch the lives of new families, I get to laugh, cry, jump up and down with excitement and I always get new challenges which just make me love this “job” even more!  Meet the beautiful Lisa and Lori.  Sisters who are both expecting very soon!  Lisa is an ultra sound tech who discovered she is expecting twins (imagine being the one to personally see that you have TWO babies inside!) Lisa also knows the sex of Lori’s baby but is keeping it a suprise which was also very cute to listen too…Lori would say “if I have a girl…” or “if it’s a boy…” and I couldn’t read Lisa at all to see which one it was!  (Have I mentioned – I LOVE MY JOB!)~

I had been going crazy weeks and days before this sesion thinking of how I could make these two into book ends (lol  that sounds so funny!)…and I love the show “Friends” so we used a few seasons to make them into ‘book ends’ 🙂 or I guess…movie ends? Lol!

Lori and Lisa, you were both such fun people to work with.  I had a blast and am so excited to meet your new babies! You have a wonderful sister (who started the ball rolling on this session by getting newborn gift certificates!) that I think I would like to adopt her as my sister to!  Thanks again for letting me capture this time!  Enjoy your sneak peak…there are so many more to come!!!!

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I swear I am the luckiest photographer! I get the best clients!  Here is just ANOTHER beautiful mom I had the chance to photograph.  Due in April we aren’t sure what the gender of the baby is … such a nice suprise!  “D” thanks for coming out today in this weather!  I hope it was all worth it!deanna3deanna2

Mom looks just stunning in this photo!  Love her hair!deanna41

deanna5And one for shy dad 🙂

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