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This past Saturday was our final wedding of September and it was an awesome one!  The weather was once again PERFECT leaving us with amazing backdrops for some amazing photo opportunities!  Taking place at the Rattle Snake Golf Club, the outdoor ceremony was breath-taking, the bride and groom as gorgeous as ever and the parents were a hoot!!!  Onto the sneak preview of the beautiful Melissa and her hansome new husband – Tyler.  Melissa waiting for the big moment…

Dad’s first time seeing his girl…

…and as we women looked for klenex at some close-call emotional moments…here is what the guys were doing outside!!!!  I guess this really is the “BEST man”

I absolutely love these colors:)

A beautiful thing about this couple…Melissa is donating her dress to Brides for Breast Cancer!  Isn’t that amazing?  She’s not boxing it, selling it, keeping it for year, trashing it…she’s GIVING it away to such a good cause.  She has not had breast cancer nor has anyone in her family…she’s doing it “just because”.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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What an awesome day it was on Saturday photographing this amazing, fun couple as they got married!  I almost feel like this blog entry should be titled “simplicity” as these two care-free people enjoyed their day to the fullest without having all the bling of a fancy wedding.  We started the day of at Jen’s parents house in Burlington (a hidden gem let me tell ya!) and meeting her parents, we knew this day was going to be full of laughs – and surprises 😉

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.  Love the dress, love the hair…love the simplicity!  Even their flowers…she described them as wanting it to look like they went into a field of flowers and just grabbed a bunch and put them together…so simple and just such a great idea.

Just details…

Greg – just before the ceremony.  Interesting church really…clearly under construction in the back – but made for some really great shots!  (even had a dirt floor back there but I’ll save those one’s for the bride and groom!)

These two are so outgoing and willing to do anything…as we are leaving Bronte Park after our pictures, we pass a huge family having a HUGE bbq…steak, shrimp, scallops…so I think it was Will who came up with the idea (maybe Greg?) but we venture over to the bbq and well….

Jen and Greg…congratulations on your marriage!  It was the PERFECT wedding day and everything looked ‘simply’ beautiful.  Thanks again for having Will and I capture this awesome day for you! Enjoy your honeymoon (and we will need to get the name of that resourt from you when you get back – sounds amazing!!)

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Jen…Greg…you guys are an absolute BLAST!  If you are half as fun at your wedding as you were today for your engagement session…I’m not sure I’ll be able to take pictures through the giggling all day!  Lol…you were so fun!  Thank you for choosing us to capture this time for you…and thanks for bringing Rex along too (what a beautiful, loving dog!)JG

Greg, I must say – great taste!  What a beautiful ring! And fiance 😉DSC_3064

HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!  I just loved their dog!!  He wanted to be with his mom and dad so bad! Lol…peek-a-boo…JG1

I admit it…I’m ADDICTED! Yes…addicted to the jump shot! I love seeing what people can do and their faces and body movements, just make me smile 🙂JG2

I love his eyes…what a sweet dog!  Thanks again Jen and Greg for meeting up with us today for your session – what a beautiful day and the leaves were just as we had hoped.  I’ll be in touch when your gallery is up and ready.  It will be a while longer than normal because of the move this weekend…JG3

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Steve and Tina got married on a Sunday morning and we started there day off in downtown Hamilton…we had a BLAST!!!  Here are just a couple (for now) as I’m headed out for the night with family…but Tina, I know you are super excited, so here you go 🙂Steve and Tina (Tonia) 197

These little sweet hearts did exactly what they were told, when they were told – and LOVED IT!! They smiled the entire day and just let us take, take, take pictures!  Thanks guys!Steve & Tina (will) 065

I LOVE this painting!! I want one for my house!!Steve and Tina (Tonia) 083Took a picture of the bride in the mirrior….and look what came out on my camera!~!!!Steve and Tina (Tonia) 076

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What a beautiful day to get married!  A beautiful ceremony, beauiful families…just a perfect day!!  We travelled up to Flamborough for an outdoor ceremony in a great big tent surrounded by flowers and gardens and friendly smiles.  The bride and groom were so excited to finally be getting married!Elk1

Krista looked just stunning!  All smiles all afternoon!Elk2

Sweet little puppy 🙂 …the brides little baby…lol he was so cute and such a sweet dog!elk4

I love catching the candid moments.  This one was just so perfect and great timing for me to turn around and find through my lens!  Those brides lucky enough to have their moms at their wedding are truly blessed.  Makes me smile when I see mother/daughter teams just so happy!elk5

The reception was held at the Burlington Golf and Country Club.  Such a beautiful place!  I have to admit though, they don’t like wedding parties (the members that is) getting pictures done on their course. (ARRR)…but we still managed to get some in hee hee hee…and I’m sure I’ll be back and causing more trouble in the years to come!  But – I do love this shot from the front of the building!Elk3

See? A smile from ear to ear! And it stayed that way ALL DAY!! These two are just so in love and so happy and it radiates through and just lightens the room up!  I love photographing happy couples!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  And the best part is, my husband gets to be there to photograph it all with me 🙂elk7

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Lucky LUCKY me! Another gorgeous day for another gorgeous wedding!  About 15 minutes before this outdoor ceremony the Sky’s opened up and it POURED!!  It was not looking good for the ceremony to take place, but as MY luck has had it all summer long, the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared, the chairs got dried off and this beautiful, happy couple got married in front of 100 of their closest friends and family.  This couple was amazing to work with and they actually both work thousands of miles away (over seas) in Abu Dhabi (near Dubai)  – where they met!  Tell me they weren’t meant to be!DSC_9528

Another awesome shot done my partner in crime (my husband) Will!  Great job honey! I love your creative side!020809_1105This wedding party is from all over the world!  Now that is amazing friendships for people to come here to support their wonderful friends in marriage!DSC_9493These 2 were a HOOT to work with!  Getting this jump shot caused a bit of sweat, a lot of laughs and one great picture!DSC_9531

Love that they were a FUN bunch of guys willing to do anything! As a matter of fact – the groom is the one who came up with this shot!  Thanks Mike! LOVE IT!DSC_9614DSC_9620They head back to work in only a few short weeks.  It was so great meeting you both and we wish you all the happiness in the world.  Travel safe! (okay – I think I’m addicted to the jump shot but HEY it’s SOOOOO fun!!!)020809_1216

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I absolutely love getting the chance to work with the same people over again!  I have now photographed this beautiful couple 4 times!!  Maternity, newborn, 6 month…now engagement and SUPER excited for the wedding in September!  K Ash, I know you have been searching blog hourly (lol) so here is your sneak peak 🙂 ENJOY!DSC_88452 EMS professionals coming together…hmmm…should I mention he forgot the cuff key after this shot? LOL!DSC_9011I LOVE how this one turned out!DSC_8991

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After some very questionable weather last night and an almost cancellation…we decided to go ahead with the engagement session today and I’m SO GLAD we did!  It was beautiful! The property we went to was immaculate as mother of the groom has beautiful gardens and ponds and well…a photographers dream location for pictures!  I love how these turned out and I’m so excited to shoot this wedding in September! Enjoy your preview 😉DSC_6442DSC_6460 copyDSC_6469DSC_6525 copy

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