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I met this wonderful couple today who are super excited to meet their son!  Not too far off now ladies!  Love the shoot today and the pictures…well see for yourself (I ❤ them!)…

You can see the sparkle in their eyes…they are definitely beaming for the arrival of this very sweet package 🙂

Love the light…love the material…love it all…

last but not least…Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak and I’ll be in touch in two weeks with the rest!

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I have been dreaming of this session since I found out that Kimberley and Kevin were expecting their new baby.  How I met this amazing couple is a sad circumstance which Kimberley has given me permission to talk about…In March of 2009, I received a phone call to go photograph a newborn girl at McMaster who was going to pass away.  If you have not heard of a foundation called “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep“, they are a foundation full of photographers who volunteer their time and talent to help parents capture their new babies before or after they die.  Some people hear that and gasp I’m sure…but for those who have actually experienced it, pictures are the only remaining evidence they have to show people that their child was once here, once a part of their lives.  We photograph the families who’s hearts are shattered and broken over something that none of us can really understand unless we have been there.  So last March, I met Kimberley, Kevin and beautiful baby Brooke.  Unaware of Brooke’s illness during their pregnancy, these parents-to-be were obviously overwhelmed at the news upon Brooke’s arrival that these new parents had a very limited time with their new daughter…and the journey began…of sadness, grief, healing…and finally – the arrival of beautiful baby Madison!  Brooke, is an angel of God…Madison is an angel of hope! 

Kevin and Kimberley are truly amazing – inspirational!  A beautiful couple with two daughters who have faught one of lifes most courageous battles…this was last year with baby Brooke…


..and today…I got the most amazing opportunity to capture their newest addition – baby Madison. 

Madison is 16 days new today 🙂

Can you see that twinkle in mom’s eyes!?

I love this one…holding mom’s necklace with Brooke’s name..close to hear heart.  Mom says Madison loves to hold this charm…

Little girls…BIG dreams!

Mom loves this little outfit (and I must say – so do I!)

Kimberley and Kevin – THANK YOU for coming to the studio today, for allowing me this opportunity to photograph this wonderful, happy occasion!  My sincerest thanks, for allowing me to share your story with others.  There could be other grieving parents out there, or perhaps parents yet to experience the same as you and maybe they don’t know about NILMDTS…and maybe some just need someone to talk to who have experienced the same as you.  You are two of the strongest people I know!  Thank you for your kindness, for your gift, for just being you.  You have a beautiful addition to your family and it was such an honor.  Enjoy all the little moments, the little cries, the steps in life that babies bring…I can’t wait to see you all again in six months (or so 😉 ).  Liane – sorry you couldn’t make it. We were thinking of you!  Your very gifted in the jewlery industry!  I hope to see you maybe in six months (or so 🙂 )…thanks again Kimberly – God bless.

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Lets just say..in the first 5 minutes, this little peanut (all of 5 pounds) …peed, pooped and burped…and left me with a ‘load’ of laundry 😉 including my pants!  LOL! 

So tiny he even fit right in dads hockey helmet!

…and mom thought little Evan wouldn’t sleep ;-)not only did he sleep but we finished this session in only 90


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What a beautiful baby little miss Lilly was!  I can say with all honesty – I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!  I love all the babies that come through my studio and I just can’t get enough!  Thank you Lilly for making me smile today…you are literally a doll!

…it took a while for Hailey to warm up, but once she did…she was just lovin her little sister and willing to be in picutres 🙂

This family is just awesome together!  This couple’s GRANDPARENTS were actually BEST FRIENDS! how cool is THAT!  I love meeting my clients (hate using the word “clients”)…love meeting all new people and hearing their stories….  Aren’t they beautiful?

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Don’t you just love the name Payton?  I LOVE that name!!!  This sweet heart is 6 weeks and I felt like I had a 7-day old during our session! She was tiny – and even fell asleep!

The thing I love about this age…is the focusing…Payton could follow me with her eyes which was just great!  It’s so nice to see babies with their eyes open…

Such a sweet girl!

Love this picture…what a doll!

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Well, October is officially booked!  I can no longer take anymore bookings as I am waiting for the little one’s expected late September, early November and obviously October to fill in the gaps in what appears to be available spots left.  For those of you needing pictures for Christmas, I urge you to please book your appointments now for the first two weeks of November.  Any bookings after the 15th of November – there is no guarantee that you will have your pictures back in time for Christmas.

On another note…I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! To all of who are making this business…this passion – a dream come true for me.  I am so thankful to you all and I hope your lives are continuously blessed as the time goes on.


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One of yesterdays beautiful babies I got to photograph!  This sweet 5-week-old fellow did wonderful for a ‘newborn’ session.  He slept  and groaned and made all the cuttest noises!  Kim joined me on this session from Kimmik Photography out of London Ontario.  It was so nice to have the extra hands 🙂DSC_1464DSC_1414DSC_1479

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This beautiful 2-week-old sweet heart was brought to my studio all the way from Markham!  Makes me feel so good to know that people truly enjoy my photography and want thier babies to have pictures done with me 🙂  I am so thankful to all of you who come out for your sessions and just watch as your session unfolds into lifelong memories and pictures for you to enjoy for years to come!  Thank you for the referrals – this was a session referred to by Mr. Harris who also made the long trek out here for little mister Ryder.  Thank you all so much! If it weren’t for people like you, my business would not be as successful as it is today.  I feel like photography is growing so much …and soon enough it will become my full-time “job” (though I can’t ever see this being a “job”).  DSC_1354Usually this pose can’t be done when little ones are over a week…but this princess slept like a charm!DSC_1366Mom and dad brought some props that I would have loved to keep 😉 …this one reminds us of a peanut!DSC_1391Thank you for making the trip out here!  Part of insentive to come out here now, is that I offer free one-time shipping as my thanks to you all for coming out!  Makes it seem so worth the drive…well that, and beautiful images of sweet SWEET newborns!DSC_1398

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