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This little girl is so loved and SO wanted!  10 years after trying and a lot of heart ache…mom and dad were thrilled and over joyed to find out they were finally going to have their chance at parenthood…and they are just SO in love with this little girl! Every coo, every squeek, every smile…the room lit up like  a Christmas tree!  I could feel the love, and to be honest, my face hurt by the time this session was over just with the smiling!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to capture this moment for this family.  Baby Rachael, is 6 weeks old…but just so tiny and perfect she curled up just like she was brand spankin new!

Isn’t she tiny?  Such a little doll…I could have cuddled her all day!

An actual smile!  Not a gas smile…an actual smile!  Awww 🙂

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I just love when my newborns come back!  I first met sweet Olivia at 3 weeks old!!  Now look a year later – beautiful little girl!!DSC_4780DSC_4741DSC_4770

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