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Okay had to sneak one more in before closing shop for the month…this sweet heart came for his session just shy of 2 weeks old and what a ham!  Lets just say he got the nick name “Poopy-Pants” after 5 towels, 1 container of baby wipes, a change of clothes, a load of laundry, 3 peeing episodes, 2 spitting up episodes and about 7 POOPY episodes later!  Lol…Little “A” you make me giggle! (and tired) ha!  It was a pleasure meeting you today guys and I’m happy I could get you in…July would have been a little long for a ‘newborn’ session!  Enjoy your sneak peak and I hope it was all worth it!DSC_4892I love his little pouty lips!!DSC_4856Mmmm…so sleepy (okay well not really, but we managed to get some ‘sleepy’ poses lolDSC_4877

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