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Colton…another cute name in my book of newborn favorites!  6 Days old and this little man left me with a TONNE of laundry!  I mean…3 #2’s in FIVE MINUTES of being here!  I got some pretty funny pictures too (but I’ll just share those with mom and dad!).  Colton is the son of one of our maternity models from my first bellies-2-babies workshops at the end of February (for you photographers who attended)…this is Katie’s little man! 

He didn’t want to do a whole of sleeping today (almost a record length newborn session) but when he did…we got some great shots!  I love this one…mom and dad just loving him up!

Colten put himself in this position! I had him in this awesome bucket I found at an antique store…but the way he moved his head – he actually put himself in this position!  What a model!

…He didn’t want to leave! This was our very last picture because I loved this hat!…I think he just wanted to stay 😉

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Ahhh…little Grayson is only 2 weeks old and although he protested much of what we did…you would never know it!  Just look at how sweet he is!

We even managed to rock him fast to sleep…

McGowan Office Interiors…they sell office furniture and systems and they even have consultants and facilities planners…but if you have any question on how comfortable their furniture is…just check out how little Grayson found comfort on this office chair!!

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What an awesome name!!  Meet little Mr. Zander …say it again …mmmm….Zander! I love it!  At 5 1/2 weeks mom wasn’t sure this little guy would do any of the sleepy things brand new babies do…but he did!  He did awesome at our session and we got a ton of shots!  Lets start with how tiny he still is:DSC_5268

…had to get the popular hanging shot 🙂  Zander participated just perfectly!DSC_5292

One of the last shots of the session…we had this little man so tired from all the moving around..he just zonked out in dads armsDSC_5299

This family came to see me through a company called Wee Piggies and Paws.  For those of you who havn’t heard of them, check out the site www.weepiggies.com and find a franchise near you.  I deal with Jamie – a wonderful, kind hearted, spirited person whos job is to capture your little one’s feet and hands in a life-form art work that hangs on your wall!  I just recieved a sample piece for my studio and will take pictures of to show the blog world..but what an AMAZING piece of art this woman does in capturing your childs tiny perfect hands and toes and makes something for you to keep forever!  Your baby is only this little once!  Check out the site!  And…it’s not just for babies!  If your children are older and you want their hands molded into art to keep forever – its an amazing way to see and to remember just how wonderful your child really is!  www.weepiggies.com and Jamie is the Hamilton area contact!  Email me if you would like more information!  tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca

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This little Princess came in at 6 brand new days!  Dad called the day after she was born to make sure to get her in nice and early and it was so worth it! She slept (and pooped) and curled (and pooped) and just sat in position perfectly! (…and pooped)! Just under 7 pounds and look how  tiny and sweet she sat in dads arms 🙂  DSC_6570 copyDSC_6623DSC_6590 copyAnd this shot took quite some time to get but patience and perseverance and we won! Good job little one. DSC_6653

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