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Just a little late with this posting….and just one picture to tease mom with for now 🙂  But I must say this is one of my favorites (and like I said on facebook…I’m sorry – I’m eggdicted!)

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Tonight I got to meet sweet little Miss Mia…this little munchkin did NOT want to sleep for us, but we managed to get some really great shots!  Not all ‘newborns’ want to spend their time sleeping (contrary to popular belief!) lol…but Mia was comfortable and just did pretty much whatever we wanted : )

AND THE DIMPLES!!!  Oh my goodness did this little girl ever have the biggest and CUTEST dimples!!! (just like her daddy!)

…so after two hours of photographing her big beautiful eyes, it was time to wrap it up and call it a night.  Of course once mom got her dressed – she falls asleep!  So I just HAD to take ONE more!  (soooo glad they let me!)…lol after this shot dad says “k we are taking our baby back now” lol!

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For probably about two years I have dreamed of doing a picture with a beautiful woman holding a beautiful newborn.  Though I wish I could take credit for the idea, I first saw it on captured by Carrie (my FAV FAB photog!)…and have always wanted to one in my own way, with my own tweek to it and make it as beautiful and as stunning as I have ever seen!  For about two years I have been dreaming of this picture wondering if I would ever get the chance…I mean think about it – I need a brand new baby and very HOT weather in order to keep him super duper warm while naked in the great outdoors.  Then I need a beautiful woman to hold the baby – but it can’t be mom and only because I would not want to put a new mom who just went through childbirth, into river water…then I need to find an AWESOME mom willing to let a perfect stranger hold her baby – and IN WATER!  So putting the pieces all together just seemed like the impossible.  Funny enough, when I first met Krystal Edwards (now Dagliesh) I always pictured her for this part in my picture.  Then yesterday, I photograph beautiful baby Mason, mention my thoughts to mom and she volunteers her gorgeous new son to be ‘THAT’ baby!  So I send out an email…and voila!  2 years of thinking and dreaming, 24-hours of actual planning, and 20 minutes with some seriously gorgeous people and my photography dream comes true!

I am SO HAPPY!!! I’m so happy and in love with how these pictures turned out!! I am going to blow one up as big as I can for a canvas print!!!  I am hoping this picture ends up on my car!!

Krystal, I’m so glad you had the day off!  Jacqueline, I am so greatful to you for your relaxed attitude and wonderful trust to have me capture this picture!  Steve…Mike – no worries, we took the best care of little Mason 🙂  You can see he was quite comfortable 🙂 Will (my hubby and best friend)…thank you so much for coming and for your help with this picture!  You are all so awesome!!! I’m so LOVING MY JOB!  My clients – my friends…you make my life magical!

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Oh the lips on this little girl are to just die for!  Just want to give her kisses!

love new props!

Almost two weeks old and little Olivia was so tiny – wanted to challenge us all at this session, but as usual – we won!

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Meet little Miss Olivia…this little girl was supposed to be one of our newborn models for my Bellies-To-Babies workshop last weekend but she watied a whole 9 days past her due date to come into the world.  That would have put her at 1 day new at the workshop!  But finally, after all this time I got to meet her!  And SO glad I did! What a sweet heart!

I can’t get enough of newborns! Truly…they are just so cute and cuddly and curly! 😉

This is a hard shot to get (in my opinion) but I swear some babies just do in a pinch!  Olivia was one of those babies who made it look easy!

Heidi and Rob it was so great finally getting to meet you after all the communication!  You have a beautiful daughter and I’m sure it was worth the wait!  Enjoy your sneak peak and I’ll be in touch soon!

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What a sweet 6 pound ball of lovin this little princess was!  Two weeks early and teeny, tiny.  Baby Saige (man you people are picking some fantastic names!) came in today to start the ball rollin on newborn sessions coming up!  She did fantastic!  Gave us some super sweet pictures 🙂

Lol…singing in her sleep!

There is something about this pose that makes my heart melt! Maybe the fact that they are pushing their cheeks up and making them all fat and pudgy!  I just love it!

I can’t say it enough how important it is to bring your little one in – the sooner the better! Day 7 is optimal!

Had to throw in a black and white…love black and white!

Mom picked out this hat.  I love the pom poms 🙂

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My apologies for getting this post up so late mom … but Christmas is over now and things are getting back into full swing!!  Meet little Braxton (another awesome name!)…who was just as perfect as perfect could be!  I just love this first shot…little Mr. Blue!

Just in time for Christmas – what a gift!!

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Meet Sam.  (I LOVE that name!) Sam is 9 days and came for his photography session…and did not want to sleep.  But he gave into us eventually and we got some great shots!  Some of the best shots are actually of babies when they are wide awake!  They eye contact is wonderful and lets face it…it’s not often we get to see a newborns’ eyes. 

I love these shots that show just how tiny babies really are.  Sam is in dads hand…and 20 years from now they will look back on this picture and be amazed that their young man was ever this small!

Sleepy for a little while.  BUT SO DARN CUTE!

Something about pictures of moms with their new babies…just makes my heart skip.  I adore the love you can feel between them and when it comes out on film…even better!

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Ella…I have alway loved that name.  So simple…yet so elegant… Meet little 11-day-old Ella!  She was a good sleeper!!  Ella let us do almost anything we wanted 🙂  Did I say “almost”?  Oops…she let us do anything we wanted!

So sleepy. Ella curled up perfectly for pictures 🙂  This prop was made by a fellow photographer out of London Kim from KimmikPhotography.  Wish I could make this stuff!  Ella fit into it like a glove!

Another one of Kim’s props…the hanging pod…I havn’t tried it on my tree branch yet and it worked great!

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This little man was Suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a good boy!!  He slept almost the entire session and we got the session done in record time! A personal best for me I think…1 hour and 30 minutes! Way to go little Marco!marco 003

I absolutely LOVE his hair!  It’s like those super soft teddy bears! So soft…so sweet!  I just wanted to snuggle him up the entire session!marco 057

Mom and dad are just so in love with their new family…marco 029

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