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I LOVE DECEMBER!!! I have decided that after a month of non-stop crazyness with photography (which I LOVED)…that for the month of December I am sticking to just newborns!  And what better month than my favourite month of the year – CHRISTmas month – December!  I start off December with this adorable newborn girl who slept like a champ and only pooped on our props once 😉 lol…

A little smile for the camera

I try and do these shots at every newborn session because lets face it, our babies are only tiny this once…and what a way to show just HOW tiny they are

Just about the last shot of the session and we were so happy she wanted to co-operate 🙂

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Well, I must say that this is a first for me!  Sweet bundle of all girl (who mom and dad totally thought was supposed to be a boy) came into the studio today for her newborn session …still without a name.  She’s so cute, and so sweet, and SO awake…but needs a name 🙂  It was funny because when I asked her name, both mom and dad paused, looked at me…and I was so surprised that this little sweet heart was still un-named!  Feel free to leave some lovin at the bottom of this post making some suggestions for mom and dad 🙂  I’m sure they have a few names in mind but just can’t decide.  All they had picked out were boy’s names…what a surprise!

They don’t call her baby “x” by the way…that’s what I called her…

She’s a happy baby though…even without a name 🙂  What a hoo-t! (hehehehe)

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Today I got to meet sweet 6-day-old baby Mason!  (Will be 7 days tonight)…but what a little hansome thing he was! Fair hair, big chubby cheeks and faught me tooth and nail on every postion (but ultimately – like usual – I won!) hee hee hee…

Mom and dad are so great, and so relaxed that with the weather so nice and hot – they even let me venture outside with little Mr. Mason!

I just love how this one turned out! I love the outdoor shots LOVE THEM!!! As a matter of fact for a couple years now since seeing a picture done by Carrie – I have wanted to try the same concept but tweek it to my style with a mom and a newborn in water!  I have had a vision for a long time and thanks to this AWESOME mom today…tomorrow I will be taking Mason back outside (weather is supposed to be gorgeous) and I’m finally going to get to do my water shot!!!  I CANT WAIT!!! So stay tuned!!!

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Wow – I can’t beleive I have been photographing newborns for just over two years now.  So much has changed between then and now…and I realized it all when I got to meet 10-day-old baby Sofia, the newest additon to the Plevel family.  I first met them TWO years ago when I lived in Binbrook and photographed their 6 day old son Stefan.  SO much has changed…then, I lived in Binbrook – now I live in Caledonia.  Then, I was single – now I am married.  Then, I shot with the Nikon D70S – now with the Nikon D700.  Then, my studio was my diningroom which I had to re-arrange every day! – Now – I have my own studio in my own home with it’s own entrance (YAY!)…so very much has changed and I am so thankful! First and foremost to God who gave me not only a job that I love (Paramedic) but a passion in life (Photography) which I ADORE!  I am so thankful for my family who supports my work-a-holic personality and then I’m so humbled by all my clients (who I have become friends with) and for your trust in allowing your brand new children into my home and into my hands to create memories for you to hopefully last a lifetime…I love you ALL!!

Now…onto my ‘then and now’ baby’s from 2008 and little sister of 2010.  Here is a somewhat similar shot of both Stefan two years ago and now Sofia today 🙂

The blanket in this shot was Sofia’s mom’s when she was born!  I love this kind of prop – when parents bring something meaningful to them 🙂

I think Sofia showed up her brother in this session – when he came for his newborn session at only 6 days old, he had to come back at day 7 because he wouldn’t sleep or stop crying – but he finally gave in on day 7…but little Sofia here – first time – last time! She did AMAZING!

This was a tough one, but we got it!

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