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Our last wedding of 2010 was a fantastic day with two wonderful people.  Another beautiful ceremony that took place at the Ancaster Old Mill (I think that place is my second home lol)…and I just LOVE IT!!

It was absolutely freezing outside …but you can’t even tell!  Thinking warm thoughts…thinking warm thoughts…lol

Paul and his sweet little niece..

The bridal party was a blast of course…nope…still can’t tell how cold they are…

How sexy is SHE!

Last one for now Erin & Paul.  Sorry for the delay in the post – hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

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Today I met up with Sarah and Jay who are getting married this October.  Jay (who isn’t too fond of the camera) and Sarah (a little nervous for her first ever photoshoot) did FABULOUS and are just stunning together!  These high school sweet hearts will be celebrating Jay’s 30th birthday tomorrow 🙂  Happy Birthday!

I absolutely love working with a couple for the first time…you always get to capture the giggles when you first say “okay – now kiss!” ALWAYS get giggles!  Finally – we got one 🙂 (I’ll save the giggles for Sarah and Jay’s gallery)

LOVE my macro lens! LOVE IT!

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Have your attention? Lol…meet Michelle and Nick – an emerge nurse and emerge Doctor that I work with…all dressed up for their big day!  What a beautiful day at the beautiful Ancaster Old Mill!  The weather could not have been better!!!  It was perfect!  And what a family…5 boys already and a much anticipated little girl on the way…Nick and Michelle finally tie the knot!


Does she not just look absolutely gorgeous!?!NM4

What a house full this is! But aren’t they all just soooooooo cute!!!!NM3

I love photographing at the Old Mill…love the look!NM6

How funny is this! LOL…I couldn’t stop giggling while trying to take this shot…”eeeewwwww DAD!”…;-)NM2

Thanks again Nick and Michelle for choosing us to photograph this day for you…it was so nice working this way with you and not in such a high stress situation!  You both looked wonderful – and so happy! We are just tickled for you both…and we can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Clote family!  CONGRATS!NM1

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An absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding at the Ancaster Old Mill this past Saturday!  I feel so a part of this family as I have seen them through maternity, newborn, 6 months-old session and now the wedding! Ashley you looked absolutely stunning!  Daryl…one of our finest…you and your crew looked fantastic!  This is my first wedding with the guys all in uniform and we had a blast with the whole crew!Ashley Wedding

See what I mean! What a group!  And so fun to work with!DSC_1988Just minutes before saying “I do”….DSC_2055

5:00 was the time for the ceremony to start…all the guys had these beautiful stop watches~!  This is the groom…very nervous before his big moment.DSC_2081

Giggles at the front!  The groom kissed the mother-in-law and I’m sure I heard dad say “you better not be kissing me!” and then all laughter broke out! I love catching these moments!DSC_2127

DSC_2014So in love…DSC_2314

And the best for last! I tell you, the luck that Will and I have with pictures (rainbows, weather…) well doesn’t an ice cream truck come by!!  I love this shot!  Everyone waiting for their turn to get some ice cream on a nice HOT day!  This is definately getting blown up for my new studio!  Love it!050909_2242

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Where do I even start with this wedding?  Amazing, wonderful, HOT couple – HOT day!  I feel so much like part of the family at this wedding! I first met Krystal and Jay back when they came for maternity pictures, then again when they had their beautiful baby girl.  Then I photographed, thier best friends maternity and newborn session, then THIER good friends maternity and newborn session, and THIER friends engagement session …I just feel like I knew so many people at this wedding it was like being a part of the family.  Krystal, I’m pretty sure is my biggest fan!  So here is a sneak peak just for you 🙂 and I’m pretty sure I have never blogged this many pictures from one shoot! Lol…enjoy!DSC_0826Hot…hot…hotDSC_0862…And aren’t these guys just so hansome!  Jay couldn’t pick only a few guys to match the girls side, so he just asked all his close friends to join him and they looked fabulous!DSC_0909The last time I photographed this little princess – she was 8 days old!  Daddy’s little girl…I just love this shot.DSC_1005

The ladies…okay and Jay 😉DSC_1181Krystal you looked absolutely stunning!!!!!DSC_1196I think it’s safe to say that I am a jump-a-holic!~ I love these shots and I just can’t seem to help myself at every wedding! Jay made record height..wait til you see the others! LOL!DSC_1216Also the largest wedding party I’ve ever photographed…which makes it so much more fun!DSC_1234

The happy Newlyweds…DSC_1261DSC_0716

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