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I can’t express enough how much I love to photograph twins! Even though its harder to get pictures of two babies sleeping..I just love it!  I love the results!  Thanks Andrea for the referal!

Love black and white…

This is definately going to be one busy family for a little while 🙂

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Joseph’s very first outting was to my studio (YAY ME!)…have I mentioned that I love my job?  At only 7 days, this little sweet heart of perfection slept the entire time and peed on NOTHING!  He had the perfect little round head, and did everything we wanted him to!  He’s a total superstar!

Being all of 6 whole pounds, he was so tiny and curled up so well into every position 🙂  …didn’t even peep!

My newest prop – oh so excited!!!

Little angel he most definately was.

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Good morning ladies! (you know who you are!)…thought I would start your day off with this little hansome guy!  Mr. Lachlan came to the studio yesterday under 3 weeks old and did wonderfully!  He is such (SUCH) a hansome little guy!

Why so hansome you ask?  Well…just look at his parents~!

Lachlan couldn’t make up his mind on wheather or not he wanted to sleep or stay awake, but the odd time (when we thought he was asleep) HE decided to let us know he wanted to keep his eye on things hehehehe….

Could be one of the last times this season that I may have had the chance to take a newborn outside, so I took full advantage 🙂  What a DOLL!!

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So after shooting sweet little Ashley and being so lucky…doesn’t baby James come in the studio and do exactly the same!  BUT – didn’t have one accident!!  He slept the whole time, had a couple little snacks in between poses and just gave us all the sleepy, curly shots we wanted! Even a few new ones!

A word that comes to mind when I look at this one…. B E A U T I F U L

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This little sweet heart came in and did SO WELL during her session!  Only peed once and slept pretty much the entire time!  (not usually how newborn sessions turn out lol).  Thanks little Ashley 🙂

Love how her little foot is sticking out the bottom…

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Is that not just one of the prettiest names you have ever come across?  Amelia Grace…oh I could say it over and over 🙂  Amelia graced me with her presence yesterday afternoon…and I must say that i honestly don’t remember my baby being this small – (she’s now 11) – but Mia was exactly the same weight at birth as this little girl was and I believe when I brought Mia home she also went down to 6 pounds 7 ounces – just like this little girl.  So it was so neat to hold Amelia and physically get to see how small Mia once was.  Amelia was just a little sweet heart!  She was bright eyed when she came in and stayed that way for a good hour or so, but we got her to sleep (gooooo TEAM!) and there she stayed until it was time to go home….

Mom…so in love…

Doesnt’ she look like a little peanut?

Mom was super excited when the tu-tu came out 🙂  Gotta love the tu-tu’s!

…like i said…soooo tiny!

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Little Mister Martin came to me at 3 weeks old!  He was a very determined little man…but alas, I won (like always) and once he fell asleep, he was puddy in our hands and gave some absolutely beautiful images! 😉


I love this one of mom and son…she is just so in love and was beaming from ear to ear!


I have really been loving the way my black and white images are turning out!  They just look so classy…I love it!  What do you prefer?


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This beautiful 2-week-old sweet heart was brought to my studio all the way from Markham!  Makes me feel so good to know that people truly enjoy my photography and want thier babies to have pictures done with me 🙂  I am so thankful to all of you who come out for your sessions and just watch as your session unfolds into lifelong memories and pictures for you to enjoy for years to come!  Thank you for the referrals – this was a session referred to by Mr. Harris who also made the long trek out here for little mister Ryder.  Thank you all so much! If it weren’t for people like you, my business would not be as successful as it is today.  I feel like photography is growing so much …and soon enough it will become my full-time “job” (though I can’t ever see this being a “job”).  DSC_1354Usually this pose can’t be done when little ones are over a week…but this princess slept like a charm!DSC_1366Mom and dad brought some props that I would have loved to keep 😉 …this one reminds us of a peanut!DSC_1391Thank you for making the trip out here!  Part of insentive to come out here now, is that I offer free one-time shipping as my thanks to you all for coming out!  Makes it seem so worth the drive…well that, and beautiful images of sweet SWEET newborns!DSC_1398

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What a gorgeous 7 week old baby I got to photograph this evening! He had such focus and these big beautiful brown eyes that just pulled at my heart strings and made me smile from ear to ear!DSC_0485And talk about sister love! Look at him smile in the middle of his two adoring sisters!DSC_0463


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This sweet family came to see me all the way from Kitchener 🙂 (makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!).  This 4-week-old hansome little man made THE cuttest faces!!!  DSC_6716

Mom is just so in love with her son!DSC_6666  SO CUTE!~DSC_6673

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