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What an awesome day it was on Saturday photographing this amazing, fun couple as they got married!  I almost feel like this blog entry should be titled “simplicity” as these two care-free people enjoyed their day to the fullest without having all the bling of a fancy wedding.  We started the day of at Jen’s parents house in Burlington (a hidden gem let me tell ya!) and meeting her parents, we knew this day was going to be full of laughs – and surprises 😉

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.  Love the dress, love the hair…love the simplicity!  Even their flowers…she described them as wanting it to look like they went into a field of flowers and just grabbed a bunch and put them together…so simple and just such a great idea.

Just details…

Greg – just before the ceremony.  Interesting church really…clearly under construction in the back – but made for some really great shots!  (even had a dirt floor back there but I’ll save those one’s for the bride and groom!)

These two are so outgoing and willing to do anything…as we are leaving Bronte Park after our pictures, we pass a huge family having a HUGE bbq…steak, shrimp, scallops…so I think it was Will who came up with the idea (maybe Greg?) but we venture over to the bbq and well….

Jen and Greg…congratulations on your marriage!  It was the PERFECT wedding day and everything looked ‘simply’ beautiful.  Thanks again for having Will and I capture this awesome day for you! Enjoy your honeymoon (and we will need to get the name of that resourt from you when you get back – sounds amazing!!)

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Friday’s weather could not have been more perfect when I met up with Abby and Bill at Albion Falls for their engagement session.  Two of the most relaxed, fun-going people to work with-they agreed to do whatever I wanted 🙂  (did I mention how much I love couples like this!!)…first, lets include little Bentley who wanted to be a part of the whole shoot – and was just such a good little boy!

Something about my macro lens that I just can’t get enough of!! (lol)

What a beautiful couple! Abby warned me how shy Bill would be for this shoot, and though he was a little quiet at first he most definately warmed up…(continue scrolling down!)

…still warming up…(keep scrolling down)…


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So Friday night I went to bed super pumped and excited to shoot this wedding.  I know that wedding season for most photographers is the summer -but this year we only have one each month until September – THEN it’s wedding season for Delicate Impressions!  So with only the one in July, I was just itching to get out there and shoot!  I had so many ideas and was so excited to work with Katie and her beautiful sister Donna who would marry her best friend on this day!  Donna and Matt are such a sweet couple and absolutely wonderful to photograph!  We had a blast last year at their engagement session and I knew this day would be even better. 

I love her eyes!

I absolutely LOVE the photographer Jasmine Star out of the states – she is amazing and kind and willing to share anything – including her tips on the “First Look”.  The first look leaves the bride and groom so calm at the ceremony that they get to actually focus on their vows and not that first impression.  The first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony – it’s amazing!  They have their moment of that first look and they can chat, cry, hug, kiss, just be totally in the moment with no pressure in front of hundreds of guests…

The beautiful flower girl litte Miss Aubrey

Now here is a group of people willing to do anything in pictures.  Though this is the ever-so-fun jump shot, they were more than happy to be as silly and crazy as they could while up in the air! LOVE IT!

So I discovered that it’s not me – it’s my camera!  It starts pulling me towards an area and then it starts beeping louder and louder…then it starts yelling “CUTE BABY ALERT!” and suddenly I have no control…the camera just starts shooting!

such a sweet moment

I love this old building at Ruthvin.  Just before the storm started to roll in (which by the way never did reach this beautiful couple)! Only a few spits of rain at the end of shooting 🙂


These have got to be some of my favourite wedding pictures to date!  The hay field, the sky – the bride and groom willing to treck through it telling me only half way through that she is allergic to hay!  What a trooper!  And oh so worth the shots we got!  The only thing better would be lightening in the back ground…hmmmm I’ll see what I can do lol 😉

Amazing!  Just…amazing!  Enjoy your peak for now Donna and Matt (well – when you get back from Mexico)!

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This has to be one of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed!  One of the sweetest weddings I have ever been a part of.  Jill is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who likes Prince and would ride a Harley 24-, 365 if she could…and John – well sweet, sweet John has been hearing impaired since birth.  Two totally different worlds – set up on a date that ends in marriage 🙂  Imagine the communication of that first date…and it only took 3 dates and Jill was IN LOVE!!  I had such a good time with this couple on their wedding day and I feel truly blessed that they were put in my hands for this “job” of photographing their wedding!

I think sign language is one of the most amazing ways of communication ever invented!  I love it!  I have always known how to sign the alphabet, but I had been studying things for this wedding like “congratulations, bride, pretty, handsome, kiss, please and thank-you, look there, stand here…” (but John reads lips so amazingly that I found communicating with him so easy!).  I must say when they signed their vows – I got a little emotional…

Before we left the church…we grabbed this shot.  Love the lighting in this hall

This is typically what Jill liked to do when we said stuff like “smile” “look here”…you know the typical traditional shots done at weddings.  Jill kept everyone laughing..

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Today I met up with Jen and Chad for their engagement pictures at Hutch’s in Stoney Creek.  What a busy place to be on such a beautiful day!  The weather was gorgeous and the breeze was so perfect – we didn’t even break a sweat!  Jen and Chad will be married September 10th of this year – at sunset!  I am so excited to do a sunset wedding – and what  a perfect couple to do it with!  The picture above – I swear I didn’t touch their eyes in photoshop! ALL natural!  Are they not just stunning!

right beside Hutch’s is Baranga’s…a lovely restaurant with a BIG RED DOOR!  Love RED…love the DOOR!

gotta love the black and white

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Oh the fun we had today at Hutch’s down in Stoney Creek!  Erica was a ball of giggles and kept us all laughing with her beautifully addictive smile!  We were prepared for the thunder storms and hail like storms that were SUPPOSED to be here today and instead we ended up with gorgeous weather and a just beautiful day all around for an engagement session.  These two aren’t scheduled to me Mr and Mrs. until July 2011 (now THIS is planning ahead!)

As a woman who was engaged once…I totally remember constantly looking at my ring thinking “wow – I’m getting married”!!! Wonder what Erica is thinking in this one 🙂

the beach was gorgeous and there was no one around – giving us the perfect clear water, sand…backdrop.

After a fun and wonderful session, we were all so hot that I suggested perhaps a dip in the lake 🙂 and they said YES!  So after running into the water and watching these two laugh histerically and almost fall into the water – we end with some fun images 😉

Just about fell in!

and last but not least…

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Today I met up with Sarah and Jay who are getting married this October.  Jay (who isn’t too fond of the camera) and Sarah (a little nervous for her first ever photoshoot) did FABULOUS and are just stunning together!  These high school sweet hearts will be celebrating Jay’s 30th birthday tomorrow 🙂  Happy Birthday!

I absolutely love working with a couple for the first time…you always get to capture the giggles when you first say “okay – now kiss!” ALWAYS get giggles!  Finally – we got one 🙂 (I’ll save the giggles for Sarah and Jay’s gallery)

LOVE my macro lens! LOVE IT!

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Saturday May 15th was a beautiful day for a wedding!  It was a gorgeous day all around and Will and I headed out for a 12 hour day to be spent photographing Hilleree & Erik!  (did I just say “day” 3 times in one sentence?!)

I have to say that I love when a splash of color like this HOT pink is added to accent a wedding!  This was the brides shoes 🙂

Chicks & bikes…gotta love it!

Love how this one turned out!  Since we were lucky enough to stay for the reception coverage…stay tuned!  I plan on blogging some seriously FUNNY dance pictures!  Hilleree and Erik, for now this is all you get 😉  Enjoy your honeymoon and I’ll be in touch soon!  Will and I had a great time and enjoyed capturing this awesome day in your lives!  God Bless!

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What a day for a wedding!  Yesterday’s forcast was probably the nightmare of every bride – however with the rain we got some amazing indoor shots and with the wind we got some hilarious outdoor shots…the day turned out pretty fantastic!!!  Jamey and Jeremy have been together for years and everyone wanted to see these two love birds finally tie the knot!  You could feel the love in the air and the see the joy in the eyes of the bride.  Will and I felt so privileged to be a part of this wonderful wedding (thanks Jamey and Jeremy!).

Isn’t she gorgeous!

I love the colours chosen for this wedding…

…and Jeremy (just before the ceremony)…all smiles!

Some favourite vehicles for Jeremy were brought to Gage Park for picutres

From this shot you wouldn’t have a clue how windy it was outside…part of why it made it so fun!  One minute we have this romantic, beautiful moment between the bride and groom…and the next Jamey’s vail is blowing all over, her dress is blowing up, they can’t walk, kiss or even see each other for that matter!  I’m telling you this was a great time, a challenging photoshoot – but we really did get some amazing shots!  Jamey and Jeremy, we can’t wait to show you the rest!

…and a little fireworks at the Olympia to announce the newlyweds!

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What an absolutely amazing day yesterday!  The weather was beautiful! (March 19th!)…sunshine, 18 degrees…and the beautiful, glowing Jocelyn finally got to marry the man of her dreams!  I met Jocelyn through work (she’s a 9-1-1 dispatcher – and a very good one!)…and was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her wedding!  When I first heard it was in March, I shivered (I’m always cold…lol) but honestly, the entire day could not have worked out better!  Jocelyn and Dave, congratulations and thanks so much for having my husband and I capture this day for you!!  Enjoy the sneak peak!  And enjoy COSTA RICA!

…and the hansome (nervous) Dave before the big “I do”

Jocelyn, you look beautiful!

Some of the funniest women I have ever worked with!  Thanks ladies for making me laugh so much my face actually hurt!

I must admit – I love large wedding parties!  …there are 7 kids missing from this picutre that were also in the party!

mmmm…aren’t they so sweet!  I adore this shot!

Just before they started cracking up! 

My husband has been the candid photographer at every wedding I have done…and he never ceases to amaze me.  This shot he took standing far off with the zoom lens as I posed them into position…but I just LOVE how it turned out!  Way to go baby! 

Congratulations guys!  May you have a lifetime of laughs and giggles, and always remember to say I love you!  (and never go to bed mad!). CONGRATS!

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