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Our last wedding of 2010 was a fantastic day with two wonderful people.  Another beautiful ceremony that took place at the Ancaster Old Mill (I think that place is my second home lol)…and I just LOVE IT!!

It was absolutely freezing outside …but you can’t even tell!  Thinking warm thoughts…thinking warm thoughts…lol

Paul and his sweet little niece..

The bridal party was a blast of course…nope…still can’t tell how cold they are…

How sexy is SHE!

Last one for now Erin & Paul.  Sorry for the delay in the post – hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

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A gorgeous day for engagement pictures down at Albion Falls!  My cousin Kristie is getting married June 4, 2011 (a very popular wedding date for some reason!) and I get to photograph her wedding 🙂

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It was such an honor to be a part of this wonderfully intimate wedding that took place in a small room surrounded by only 6 people, plus us 🙂  It was so touching and so amazing to feel the emotion in the room, and it’s something Will & I have never exerienced at a wedding before.  The bride was just gorgeous and the groom was filled with enough emotion to fill a huge church.  It didn’t matter how many people were there – it was so nice, and so intimate and even I felt a little knot in my throat as vows were exchanged…

When Sarah first entered the room…

After the ceremony, we went to the Ancaster Old Mill for pictures and to meet more family and friends for the reception.


Lol…imagine if it were the guys who had to carry the flowers?

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Will & I attended a photography conference a short while ago and learned some key information on wedding photography.  We felt pumped, excited and super ready to shoot our next wedding (COULD NOT WAIT!).  Today, Missy & Chris tied the knot at Ruthevin in Cayuga and the images we took caught every moment to remember their special day!  This beautiful couple have been together for 12 years…and watching them say their vows and interact with each other through out the day…was like watching magic.  It felt like watching a couple on their first date!  AH-MAZE-ING! They were SO in love…you could feel it!

These two families werre an absolute RIOT to photograph!  Everyone was so friendly, and giggly, and outgoing…we had some great laughs (love you all!!)

Not only was the family fantastic to work with  –  but this wedding party was out of this world FUN!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

I would love to take credit for this pose, however I got the idea from an awesome New York wedding photographer at the conference – Gordon!  I love the end result…something I’m pretty sure I either would never have thought of, or could have – but not for years!

I love SO many images from today…it’s so hard to pick just a few!!!

…for now, this is the last.  I’ll facebook a few more as I edit them…otherwise I could be here all night….LOVE this wedding!

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This past Saturday was our final wedding of September and it was an awesome one!  The weather was once again PERFECT leaving us with amazing backdrops for some amazing photo opportunities!  Taking place at the Rattle Snake Golf Club, the outdoor ceremony was breath-taking, the bride and groom as gorgeous as ever and the parents were a hoot!!!  Onto the sneak preview of the beautiful Melissa and her hansome new husband – Tyler.  Melissa waiting for the big moment…

Dad’s first time seeing his girl…

…and as we women looked for klenex at some close-call emotional moments…here is what the guys were doing outside!!!!  I guess this really is the “BEST man”

I absolutely love these colors:)

A beautiful thing about this couple…Melissa is donating her dress to Brides for Breast Cancer!  Isn’t that amazing?  She’s not boxing it, selling it, keeping it for year, trashing it…she’s GIVING it away to such a good cause.  She has not had breast cancer nor has anyone in her family…she’s doing it “just because”.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Yesterday we spent the day in the heart of down town Hamilton photographing Tim & Emily’s beautiful outdoor wedding!  The Scottish Rite is a GEM in the middle of Hamilton – truly an amazing historical building with so many places for pictures it’s almost overwhelming!

I’m pretty sure Emily is my #1 blog follower as everytime we went to do another picture she would ask “oh, is this the picture where I….” or “is this when your going to…” LOL!!!

Surprise Emily! Bet you havn’t seen this one yet!!!

Not only is the Scottish Rite an amazing place for a venue…but Hess Village is only seconds from there !!! We had a lot of fun in Hess – and saw some very interesting people while down there…

Gotta love alley-ways!

Um…3 words…HOT HOT HOT!

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph one of the easiest going couples ever! They didn’t care what we did, where we went, what we photographed, who was in pictures…LOL!!! So we had total freedom to do whatever we wanted!  Kelly is definately a sporty, out going person who I couldn’t even picture what kind of dress she would wear…but WOWZERS…she pulled it off and it looked fantastic!  The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was perfect, the day could not have been any better!

…and a gorgeous backdrop for pictures to boot!!

Will took the guys over behind the Caledonia Old Mill… 

What’s taking pictures with Will if there isn’t something a little daring!  Here are the guys up on the train tracks…

I had not photographed in the outdoor gardens at the Royal Botanical before – and what a treat it was! It’s beautiful out there!Whats a wedding blog posting without a ring shot

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Friday September 10th was a beautiful day for the gorgeous Jen & Chad to “FINALLY” tie the knot!  It was an evening wedding on the water in Oakville and the lighting and the sky were absolutely amazing as the perfect backdrop!  Congratulations Jen & Chad!  Thanks for such a fun evening – and a great first wedding breakdown dance!

Will went with Chad and his boys to do some fun shots…and I really like how this one turned out 🙂

I love the colors chosen for this wedding…so classy!


Lol…I LOVE THIS KISS SHOT!  Look at the bottom of the picture!  Then the celebration to end the official “I Do’s”….these two were AWESOME!!!

Lol!  Little story to this picture…we were seperated from the wedding party and due to the wedding being at sunset, we wanted to make sure that we got Jen & Chad first when the lighting was perfect…so when it was time to get the wedding party to join us, there was some texting going on and during this pose…well, Chads’ groomsman called his cell phone – and he answered!  So not posed at all…he was actually talking on the phone ha!

Like I said…the lighting, the sky, the sunset…and the couple made for some wonderful pictures!  Enjoy guys and have a wonderful TWO WEEK HONEYMOON!!  I’ll be in touch in a few weeks!

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Yesterday was the PERFECT day for a wedding – and for wedding photography! The lighting was amazing…the bridal party was hoot, and the rain held off until just moments after we finished the pictures for the day! We couldn’t have asked for anything better!

It’s not just about the smiles and the people…but about the details from the day that years from now, might not be remembered (if it weren’t for pictures).

Even the bridesmaides had lace-up dresses at the back!  You should have seen the train of person after person standing one behind the other doing up these dresses….lol!If it’s not golf before the groom gets married…perhaps its FOOTBALL!

Do they not have the most beautiful HAIR!!?

Right after the kiss…as Jasmine Star says when she’s talking about wedding photography…it’s not the kiss itself, but that her wedding photography is about the moment right before the kiss and right after!  Now I see why 🙂

I know I have mentioned it before – but just in case – I LOVE BIG WEDDING PARTIES!

These two pictures were both shot by my husband.  This is why I love having him with me…in the second picture I am setting up a group shot, and while I’m doing that and occupied with one of the bridesmades, Heidi puts her head back (not posed by the way)…and there’s my husband with his camera capturing a moment I would have missed!  I love him! Great job hun!

Natural.  Fun.  Love it.

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Yes – you read that right! Next Saturday these two are getting hitched!  Hey, better late than never for their engagement session 🙂

I have to thank my husband for finding this amazing abandon LOG HOME!! Yup – no one has lived there for YEARS!!! It’s so nice…SO NICE!If I’m not busy playing with the sun in my pictures…I’m usually found playing with the ring too!

This was a funny one…Heidi running into Todd’s arms…and they couldn’t stop laughing!  Made me gigle 🙂

See you Saturday !!

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