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Something a little new that I’ll be starting is Tonia’s Tuesday Treats for the month of December!  No time to celebrate like now and with the celebration of Christmas, I want to be able to help out with those who are perhaps a little harder to buy for!  So today, when you purchase a gift certificate for a photography session (child must be under 1)…you will receive the same value in prints!  So $150 session = $150 in prints!  That’s a $300 value for half the price!  YAY!

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Today I was spoiled with two adorable newborn baby boys.  Meet Christopher.  This C U T E little man had THE perfect little head!  He also stayed awake for the majority of his session not wanting to miss a thing.  It’s nice to have some babies that allow us to see their beautiful eyes.

This was one of the first shots of the session and I knew he was going to stay awake for the majority.  But, he still let me play and mould him into position.

AH HA!  We did get some sleepy shots 🙂

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Remember THIS gorgeous family?  Well today I got to meet sweet, adorable 5-day-old Isaac.   He was just perfect for his session letting me pretty much do whatever I wanted 🙂

I absolutely love doing this picture.  I try and do it at every newborn session as there seems to be nothing more amazing than seeing the woman who brought their baby into this world.  You can feel her love for him through her eyes…

2 girls at home…and now there will be two boys.  This family is complete – is perfect.

…and here’s a picture for dad and his South African heritage – for all you’s still in Africa, this shot was special for you 🙂

Last one.  Funny story.  Mom got dad a gift for the birth of the baby of which the sex they chose NOT to find out.  They had NO idea if they were having a boy or a girl, but mom gambled…had this amazing ring made for dad with all the names of their four children…including Isaac!  (remember – no idea she was having a boy!)

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It was a treat to have miss Avali back in the studio for her holiday mini session.  I didn’t have a santa suite, so mom and dad brought one so that dad could play santa and it was PRICELESS!!!!  Here is the happy Avali…

Here is Avali’s first time seeing Santa (amazing!)…but wait for it…

lol…and here is the not-impressed Avali who would probably like to disappear at this exact moment of the picture…

Maybe next year she will love him?  Too cute.  Sorry Avali for putting you through that (she felt much better once dad removed his beard)…lol

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Today I had one of my life’s best friends come by for a maternity session.  I have known Larin for over 15 years (since we used to hang out in high school)!  Larin has been an amazing friend over the years and a huge help (more than I can ever express my thanks for).  Last September I had to miss his wedding because we were shooting a wedding for someone and it was such a sad day to miss as all of our closest friends were sure this day may never come!  But he met a wonderful woman and it’s just so amazing to watch just how much chemistry these two have and how head-over-heals in love she is with him.  Jana, thanks for being such a good sport today 🙂  I have included a little sneak peak at what I’m sure will be YOUR favorites 😉

Jana and Larin are expecting their first baby in February and drove here all the way from London for this session.  Please feel free to leave some encouraging comments here if you have been here for a newborn session as I know that it will be tough for them to travel so soon after the birth for an hour and a half in the winter.  It’s nice to have some encouragement from other moms who have gone through the same thing…but it IS WORTH IT!!!

Because I have known Larin for so long…this ultra sound picture is SO HIM!  Same mouth, same nose – this baby is going to look just like his dad!  (I say “his” – but we have no idea what they are having)…a boy...a girl…a baby.

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Check back here on Tuesday to see what kind of treat I have up my sleeve!  (pssst – has to do with Christmas, and it will only last a couple hours!)

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Today I got to meet this sweet family!  Miss Caitlin is just a DOLL and I enjoyed every second of this shoot!

How CUTE are these guys!

Her brother was such a good boy – such a good listener and did everything we asked of him 🙂

Happy Birthday Caitlin

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A year ago (ALREADY!)….

…and one whole wonderful year later….

I LOVE this face!!!


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5 months old, little Zachary is one of the happiest babies I have ever met!  He giggled from the moment he came in the door and I had him giggling when he left.  He was SUCH a happy baby!  I LOVE baby giggles!  I wish they could bottle them up so we could hear them whenever…actually, there is a you-tube video HERE that shows some awesome baby giggles!!

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This was one sweet little boy who did so good for his photo session!  He’s so tiny – yet with his very long fingers and feet – he’s sure to get as big as his daddy!

Last week we had little Miss Lady Bug and this time we get to see Mr. Bumble Bee 🙂

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