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Yesterday was such an amazing day!! I got to meet THREE 6-day-old babies…and here are TWO of the cutest little bundles of love I have ever met!  On the left is 5.8 pound baby William and on the right is 6.12 pound baby Anna.  Wonderful name choices too! And they suit these two perfectly!

Meet Mr William.  Tiny little ball of cuteness all rolled up on dads arm.  Mom and dad didn’t know what they were having either! Left it a surprise and when Lori booked this session last week, I didn’t know what she was having either so I got to be surprised yesterday too!

Are they not just precious!?

Anna was the little feisty one – she wanted to be heard.  But mom and dad did such a great job getting her to rest – so we got some great sleepy shots!

My favourite – black and white.  This one turned out beautifully.

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