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Check out the lashes on this hansome little man!!!  Busy little boy kept us all on our toes today…and how worth it to capture such a beautiful boy!

What a little monkey!  Love the colors mom brought!


Finally getting some big kid hats from Etsy!  Glad to use it on such a sweet boy!  Thanks for coming for Liam’s one year pictures – enjoy your sneak peak and I’ll be in touch soon!!!

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The previous blog posting was for a 3 week old – the quickest session in the history of my newborn photography…and here is little mister Salvatore (LOVE THAT NAME!!) who was definately my longest session ever…this is the strongest most awake baby I have ever met.  3 hours last night, and another 2 today and we managed to get a few good shots done …can’t show them all mom and dad (I know you want me too!) but here are a few to hold you over until your gallery is complete 😉

How funny is this first shot!!! It’s like he’s thinking…”ya right…I am not doing anything you want me to do!  Try me!” LOL!DSC_1502This is the ONLY sleeping shot we were able to get in FIVE HOURS! LOL! He wanted to enjoy the world and not miss a single thing!DSC_1547I love my macro lens! Just love it!  Look at those sweet toesDSC_1572

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