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Pay It Forward

I have been in the mood to give and have thought a lot about how to word this posting exactly.  I still don’t know quite how to word exactly what I’m thinking…but I’m going to give it a shot.  A lot of people give A LOT..especially at Christmas time.  Not only to our families, and to friends, but to those in need.  We think of people on the streets at Christmas time who don’t have family to turn to, who don’t have a warm meal on their plates (or for that matter – don’t even have plates!).  As a photographer, this past year I offered holiday mini sessions where if you brought a toy for a toy drive, you received $25 off your session fee.  A lot of photographers did that this year, a lot of photographers also do a photography give-away where they ask you to email them with a person who you think would benefit from having a professional photographer photograph their family for free – someone who couldn’t afford it for whatever reason.  This, however is a bit different.  While I think that photography give-away is still an AWESOME way to GIVE…I KNOW there are things that people really need who may not come forward.  This is where my heart sits today.  If you know someone who is in need of something like groceries because they have kids and lost their job…or someone who can’t pay their hydro bill this month…someone who can’t get their bus pass in order to make it across the city to their job…someone truly in need of something that will make their day by having it done (anonymously) for them…please email me. Tell me their story…how you know them, why you think they should have something special done to help them out just this one time.  Together – we are all family.   We need to reach out, to help those who are in need.  I look around at my home, my family’s home…my friends…we are a society that has at least 2 cars per home, computers in every room, television’s all over the place…we can just get up and go to the movies when we want to, go out for dinner on a whim…we can go buy new clothes, and replace silly things like ripped socks and old torn up jeans.  Yet somewhere out there tonight, a child will go to bed hungry, a single parent will stay up crying trying to figure out how to survive the night, a teenager will sleep on cardboard boxes somewhere on the street…I want to help.  Even if it’s groceries for a family for a month delivered to their home…or a sleeping bag given to someone who’s cold at night..just SOMETHING!  Please, if you know someone who could greatly benefit something like mentioned above, please email me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca and title your email “IN NEED”.  I will email you personally if we have chosen your story.  Nothing will be blogged about it, nothing will be mentioned to the family who was chosen…it is going to be done in total and complete secrecy.

So where can you “pay it forward”  (you have to see that movie if you haven’t!!)…after sharing your story with me, just listen to your friends, family, co-workers, someone who comes into where you work sharing a story of someone they might know who NEEDS…and help out.  Pay It Forward.  Help those in need and just watch the circle of help begin!  If you know the Lord…and the day comes when He says to you…”why didn’t you feed me when I was hungry” or “why didn’t you clothe me when I was cold”…or “why didn’t you give me water when I was thirsty”…now you can say “but Lord…I did”….

Thank you for helping!  I’m so blessed to be able to give…and I hope we can all try just a little ❤

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Marvellous Monday

Well, it’s been a week of craziness around this house.  Lots to to think about, lots to just sit back and take in.  As most of you know from Thursdays post, my husband was involved in a head-on collision on hwy 6 just outside Caledonia and was one of the luckiest people I know to have been able to walk away from it!  Our family has been in touch with the family from the other vehicle and we ask that prayers continue to go out for them.  His condition is still critical but he’s stable.  His injuries are such that he fractured his femur, elbow, ribs #3-9, his spine (same as ribs)…he’s intubated and has a chest tube.  Among other injuries – this is what he is suffering, so please keep him in your prayers.

This past week there were a few occasions that past as well…my daughter turned 12 ! I can’t believe I have a 12-year-old!  It’s crazy to say TWELVE?!  It feels like just yesterday I was holding her and taking my first pictures of her…

1999 was the year Mia was born.  February 2nd at 6:20am.  After only 4 hours of labour, she was finally here!  I dreamt I was having a boy…I could see him in my dreams exactly what “he” looked like.  I can’t tell you how excited I was she was a girl! SO EXCITED!!!  A few months later, I got one of my first cameras and you will laugh when you see this next picture, but this was my first attempt at photographer 12 years ago…LOL!

One of my younger days with my new baby 🙂

This past week would also have been my moms 53rd birthday.  She died in 2002 of stomach cancer.  It’s so strange without her here and yet because she lived in London and I lived here…I just feel like we don’t speak on the phone  like we should.  Just like we haven’t talked in a while.  Today I grabbed a scrap book that I made for her and gave to her the week before she died.  I loved looking at the pictures and seeing the styles back in her day…but this wedding picture is the ultimate!  From left to right…my Grandma and Grandpa Kinch…then my dad, my mom and then Grandma and Grandpa Allison.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Lol…this one is a funny one to! I think I was 12 in this picture?

One more for the archives.  In 1998 we went on a cruise through the Make-a-wish foundation.  My sister got it because at the time she had leukemia and obvioulsy the end result was unknown.  She’s alive and well and doing great (and still the biggest pain in my $*&)!! hehehe….

What a week.  I’m finally getting around to beating this cold, Will is healing fabulously and over all we just love our family time and are trying to enjoy every moment.  I also want to send out a big congratulations to one of my best friends…Larin and his wife Jana welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world Saturday afternoon! Can’t wait to take pictures!

Thanks to all my clients in January who have been patiently waiting for their galleries.  I really appreciate your constant encouragement and faith in me.  You are all so wonderful 🙂  Happy Monday everyone!!! Oh – and here is my 12 -year-old playing with our 5-month-old dane….LOL!

Step one…snuggles…

Step two…taste…


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Thankful Thursday…

Wow – where do I even begin?  I am really trying to keep up with my “Marvellous Monday” postings by getting a little more personal in my blogging, therefore forcing myself to actually look over the past week of my life and relive the events, the pictures in my mind and to sit back and just say “thank you Lord” for everything that has happened.  As it turns out this past week has been pretty crazy, and pretty much a blur.  So being Thursday – I have a lot to be thankful for!!  So sit back with a warm cut of coffee, or hot chocolate and enjoy the read (enjoy? We’ll see…lol).

Monday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  Flegm buliding up, chest congestion, coughing…chills.  Just felt like crap.  With a newborn session scheduled for 9am, I cancelled the session – a session that had now been cancelled for the third time (one twin was sick, then the other twin got sick, then when I cancel because I’m sick – I find out the newborn is sick too).  I just don’t think that newborn session is going to happen 😦  Then Monday afternoon we take the kids out of school because we planned a trip to Great Wolf Lodge partly as a birthday gift for both my husband and my daughter.  I wasn’t well, but it’s Great Wolf Lodge so it’s going to be fun no matter what right?  So we head down to the Falls and hit the pool.  What a fantastic place!!

Not feeling top notch – we still had a ton of fun!

At 10 that night, I went to bed while the family stayed up and played Monopoly.  Not just ANY monopoly though…they played Law Enforcement Monopoly! LOL!!  Great game…and it took them 3 1/2 hours to finish!  I slept all night – solid.  Woke up Tuesday with my head feeling like it was going to impload.  Full and sinus’ just killing.  Our day carried on as we spend the rest of the morning and afternoon in the pool and on the slides and just had a blast.  We picked up our dogs from doggy day care at Pet Center and as we drove home, I called in sick to work for Wednesday.  I sounded horrible, I looked like death and there was no way I could work on an ambulance caring for sick people – when I was sick.  So we get home Tuesday night and I go to bed at 8:30.  We had some more family come over to play games, but I just couldn’t so I hit the hay early hoping that tonnes of rest would make me better.  Afterall, the next day was going to be a huge snow storm, it was also going to be my daughter’s 12th birthday and I wanted to feel better.  Mia (my daughter) went to her friends house for a sleep over since school was already cancelled.

Wednesday morning rolls around, I didn’t even hear my husband get up at 4:30am to get ready for his day shif  – a busy shift it was sure to be as I figured O.P.P would be responding to call after call due to the weather.  Off Will goes to work.  At around 8am, I got up to let the dogs out and as I come into the livingroom, there’s my daughter laying on the couch??  What on earth is she doing home so early when she was at a friends house the night before?  So I ask what she’s doing…it’s her birthday now…and she came home because she had thrown up 😦  Poor thing.  It’s always so sad when your children are sick.  Especially when they just aren’t the type to get sick.  Mia is always healthy.  Engergetic, outgoing kid who loves Mr. Noodles, Nutella and watching Friends.  There she is laying on the couch dizzy, and sick.  A lot of good I am going to be as I’m sick too…man I hate seeing sick kids.  I can’t imagine the parents that make regular hospital visits because they are REALLY sick…

Me and my girl on a much healthier day a year ago 🙂

So after checking in on Mia and making sure she’s okay, I head back to bed.  I have to beat the crap out of this cold!  Then at 10 (ish), my father in law comes into my room.  I’m very foggy but thinking “why is he in here” “did I book a session for today and he’s coming to tell me someone is waiting in the studio”?  “Does he want me to get up and come up for coffee?”  You know, when your tired and your sick, and just waking up, all these things go through your head – your almost confused as to whats going on? And my father in law, never comes into my room?  Then he sits at the side of my bed and puts his hand on my shoulder…and says “first…he’s okay”….still foggy and unsure what to think of this I’m not entirely aware of what’s happening yet.  “he? okay? who’s he?” (all going through my mind)…OH MY GOSH WILL!!!  “Will was involved in a head-on collision – he’s banged up, but he’s okay and there are two officers on their way to come pick you up”….well, my heart!  I was calm because Dave started with “he’s okay”, but once I was up out of bed, I realized i couldn’t function – I’m trying to find my clothes (which are EVERYWHERE)…I’m picking up shirt after shirt…it was just crazy!  Finally, I gather myself together, and I go out to give my sick little girl kisses, wish her a happy birthday, – and off I go to the hospital to find my husband with minor cuts and scrapes, but in a lot of discomfort.  His entire left side of his body was internally bruised and causing him great discomfort.  He couldn’t sit up without feeling like he had to vomit and he ended up with sutures to a cut on his head.  He had glass fragments everywhere and we are still finding shards of glass from the windsheild in our bed, on the floor, in the bathroom…

I found this picture on line today through the Dunnville Chronicle…but just before i get to the picture (very low res so not sure if it will come up pixeled or not)…I have to say that Will never drives this truck when he works.  He normally takes a cruiser, or the tahoe (both of which suck in bad weather).  But because the call he was about to attend to where the snow wouldn’t allow other vehicles to get to, he ended up in this truch which ultimately saved his life.  Without going into details, he was hit head on on hwy 6 and his truck was thrown into the ditch.  He was trapped in the vehicle with his legs pinned and he could hear the driver of the van screaming in pain – and there was nothing Will could do but wait for the ambulance.  The ambulacne that I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON!  But – I had booked off sick.  I can’t imagine hearing that one of our officers was hit head on – and from what I hear the call sounded horrendous over the air.  THEN to arrive scene and see it to be my husband…I thank God that I was sick.  I thank God that Will took the truck and not the cruiser.  I thank God that no one DIED!  I thank God for sending angels down for both the drivers of the vehicles involved…

here is the truck my husband was driving (both pictures are from the Dunnville Chronicle -found on line).

Will, did not break a single bone.  If you were to look at him – you wouldn’t even know he was in an accident (until he walks)…but just to look at him – it’s amazing.  The road conditions were horrendous, and the vehicle coming towards Will – well lets just say that driver is in need of some prayer.  He has fractured bones, internal injuries and he is critical!

Remember last week when I spoke about my pastor and my church?  Well in that weather yesterday, our amazing, wonderful pastor came to the hospital to pray for Will.  He is truely a man of God! I ask you to come to church on Sunday! This Sunday – Gateway church on hwy 6 just outside Caledonia.  There are two services:  9:15 and 11:15 and there is free day care so bring the kids!

So no, I didn’t get around to my “Marvellous Monday” posting, but I think there is a lot to be Thankful for this day and I am happy to share.  Also…I have been away from my computer until now.  I have over 70 emails to answer, orders to put together, appointments to book and phone calls to return.  Please be patient.  It’s taken over 3 hours to even post this with the caring of both my husband and daughter…I sit in a messy house with laundry to be done and a kitchen to be cleaned…the “to do” list just gets bigger.  But one step at a time 🙂

Thank you so much to Hotsy and Christy for staying with us yesterday at both West Haldimand and Hamilton General Hospitals.  Thank you to all the OPP officers to who responded to this call and who took care of Will before I got there.  Thank you to the paramedics who were on scene and cared for both patients involved. Shannon of Shannon Archeibald photography – thank you for the muffins and soup you so kindly made and dropped off at the house (God bless you!!!)  Thank you for the phone calls today and the texts, the emails and the constant gift of kindness coming our way.  We are surrounded by love and encouragement and we are so thankful and so blessed!!!  Please keep your prayers going – especially for the other victim of this crash.  He needs your prayers more than we do! Thank you, thank you thank you everyone! And Dave – thank you for waking me in the calm, cool, collected way that you did.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way 🙂  Will – your my rock!  I love you ❤

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